I’ve spent 3 months in Nigeria and I am scarred by the hustle that it is to “get a man”, I’m here like wawu, this is tad much, I’m not doing again o! Actually, my dating innocence was yanked out of my fragile heart the first day I moved back to Nigeria but I blamed jet-lag and trudged on. However, I have seen the light and I can confess that dating in Lagos is a real hustle. 

When people ask me why I came back to Nigeria (like England was my grandfather’s village *side eye*) I always respond with “I came to look for a husband” as it shocks them to silence for a bit before they proceed to give unsolicited advice (that’s our middle name in this Nigeria) “ah you are not going to the right places oh”, “maybe you should make up and wear less hobo-ey outfits”. Okay, they don’t really use the word “hobo” but I’ve termed my fashion style hobo-chic so any attempt at challenging it is a stab at the hobo life #teamHobosUnite

For someone who is still in a “maybe kinda sorta wanna” get married phase, writing about dating might seem pretentious but who will I disturb with my semi-dating life if not you, yes you reading this and wondering what you got yourself into! Hehehehe you’re stuck on me like Beyoncé to the fierce life! 

So what am I looking for and why am I considering dating when I’m not even sure I’m ready for this part of life? In all honesty, I don’t want to date, I just want someone who is MINE. That’s the only word that fully explains what I’m looking for, MINE; no games, no emotional filter, just simply MINE. 

I want a man I can be open with; not necessarily married to but just open. Someone I can tell how I feel without wondering if I’m giving too much away, no scheming, no holding back, no second guessing because y’all are not really there yet. 

My name is Timiebi aka Quirkytims and I’ve recently discovered that dating in Lagos is a hustle and I’m not sure I’m truly ready for it. 

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I love Jesus, family, minions, music, love, Arsenal(sometimes), laughter and boys....

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