A friend and I were having this heated debate in the salon about Toke Makinwa’s “On Becoming” only God knows what she became sha. But the one thing Toke wasn’t is deceived.  At first women there wanted to call me a hater for saying Toke deserves no sympathy as empathy I give to her is mostly because her heart has suffered even though its completely her fault.

I watched a man’s sex tape, he gave me STDs, I am well aware of the other woman, abi it is obvious sef that Toke was the side-chick but kept putting herself through hell, prayed and fasted for 90 days for God to tell her what to do when what to do was obvious.

To add insult to injury, Toke planned her own wedding three times, the guy didn’t show up and she still went ahead and married him the forth time, please before you call me a hater, what the hell did she expect from a man she dragged down the altar?

Let’s not even talk about her bleaching, as she didn’t bleach for Maje, she bleached for herself.

Anyways, today, gist is not “on becoming” a foolish Lagos girl who won’t leave a fuck-nigga alone but will want to paint him the devil.

Today is about a real life devil-Mr October.

According to Miss Gidi, “there is a special place in hell for men who deceive women”.  I SAY AMEN IN CAPITAL!

So as the title already says, Mr October a.k.a. the only man that ever got me to use fowl language like its nothing; the “fuckboy” got married last weekend.

Sometime in November my friend whom I didn’t know was still following Mr October on IG sends me a screenshot of Mr October and this fine looking girl in an engagement shoot.

For a good five minutes, I thought Mr October was in a music video or modelling something, anything.

I just didn’t want to believe the man whom I allowed to waste 8 months of my life had finally made up his mind to settle down. It just didn’t make sense. So I went on the photographer’s page and saw a couple more pictures and read all the comments then it actually sunk in, the “fuckboy” was engaged to be married.

Trust me when I say I wasn’t hurt or felt anyhow, I have a mature man somewhere, so I didn’t care. But, I am a woman so trust me, I zoomed in and out of the picture, trying to figure out if I knew the girl. But the girl fine sha.

My yeye friend kept going back and forth the comments on his engagement shoots and boy was October a fuck-ass-nigga.

Looking back I never would have ended up with October; he is short and somewhat deluded. Let me explain.

If you are a man and you use other people’s things to pose as your own in my opinion you are deluded.

October lived in a false reality. He posts pictures of his mother’s Porsche, her designed bags and slippers on IG tagging the designer. The first time I saw it I was like “Imarose see your life” you are dating a boy, whose reference always falls back on the use of other people’s things.

I never saw October as an opportunist, but towards the end of knowing him I started to feel that maybe he was because, once we were having a conversation about this girl his mother was trying to make his younger brother marry because of who her family is, and his brother refused then he says to me “my brother is just foolish, “if it was me I’d marry the girl and live the good life mehn, thank God I am not tall”

Anyways, I digress.

So my friend was keeping up with the comments on his engagement shoots and sent  one day she sends me a couple that had the photographer begging the commenter to pls stay away from his page.

The comment read “oh wow, this is after fucking the whole of Lekki you have decided to marry just like that, thank God you no tag the girl we will let her know who you are-a dog”

Another read “nigga swore he was single and struggling to meet serious girls to me. girl are you sure you want to marry this dude, he sent me lots of DM asking to meet up, but I kept ignoring him then outta the blue he is marrying”

“Girl run for your life, his business has been struggling and since he wasn’t allowed to stay in US he wants to use you to get greencard, run”

“wow nigga, get that greencard”

“this girl is even smiling she is obviously not Nigerian, she would have spotted a dog from a distance”

So it turns out this babe isn’t Nigerian and is an ex that he had a back and forth relationship with before returning to Nigeria.  How I knew all this comments were legit was a friend of mine was stalking his wedding from snaps and it looked like a short-gun wedding, it was done at his bar and for someone who is very materialistic and brags a lot, very few people attended.

Mr October, I wish you nothing but everything as you deserve !


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2 thoughts on “MR OCTOBER GOT MARRIED”

  1. I join you in that resounding amen about men that deceive woman.
    I want to say I’m stunned but that’ll be a lie, some men are just scum. Imagine what a man told my cousin when she stumbled on his traditional wedding photo; it was his twin brother’s wedding and he took the photo with the bride!
    May the Lord not send any of these fuckboys our way!


  2. The becoming thing I don’t really see the purpose of the book everybody got stories to tells, & she won’t be the last neither first I blv life still goes on regardless, to all the fuckboys I wish them nothing but pains.


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