Bae hunting in Lagos has become very fluid these days oh. So a day into the new year, that’s the 2nd January, I was running on Osborne as usual and this beautiful lady in say mid-40’s gives me a friendly smile, I smile back and said good morning.

On the second lapse of my run, I noticed she switched lanes and somehow waited until I caught up to her. Then she sort of started running at my pace — it was quite a good one hour run. Whenever we slowed down we gisted here and there.

My people, that is how on my final leg, my new friend said she lived in Osborne Foresure and wanted my number, in my mind, I thought nothing of it, maybe she is just a friendly woman. I gave her my number and she then she goes “oh by the way I have enough friends, I am not looking for more, I want more than friendship with you, I like you a lot”
I froze for a bit and started running very fast away from her. I have heard these stories I just never thought it would happen to me.

Anyways, that was a by-the way gist.

What is with married men and entitlement to single girls in this Lagos? Is anyone else experiencing it?

Today, I met this Lagos “baby boy” just as I was about to begin my morning run he joined me as most people often pair with others even if they don’t know the person. In case you are wondering; a baby boy is a posh looking hot man over 40th who is likely married but lives like a single man and feel entitled to single girls.

As it was with my lesbian suitor, we chatted every so often whenever we slowed down our pace. “Baby-boy” told me about what he does for a living, where he lives, how old his kids are and how beautiful his wife is but she doesn’t stimulate him intellectually — like that is any of my business.

A part of me was comfortable with him. For one I knew he wasn’t boasting, I saw the calibre of folks that were greeting the guy, even the chairman of Etisalat dey hail the guy. So me I was like, I am kuku job-hunting this will be a great older friend to have.

I told him about my job- hunting, baby-boy was like, I have an offer for you, if you agree, you wont have to work.
Three lapses and 90 minutes later, I told the dude, who is very fit and had no issues continuing that I was done. As I mentioned I was done, he saw me off before heading back to Osborne — were apparently all the baby boys and girls live.

He was like look “look, I won’t beat around the busy, I like you, I think you are easy to talk to and very smart, I want you to be mine, I will change your life and give you whatever you want, as long as you abide by my rule”.

For which I responded, I actually have a boyfriend and looking to get married in the nearest fu — ture. Baby boy didn’t even let me finish talking, he said “you are not married, so it doesn’t matter, but if you agree to my proposition you must get rid of him, I don’t share”.

I swear it felt like I was in the middle of striking a deal — baby boy said it like it meant nothing and I was just supposed to agree, why because, he will give me the finer things in life.

Married men don’t even bother hiding that they are married anymore, they just want us single women who are desperate enough for any attention and the “finer things” in life to cage as their mistress. Guess what, you there is a contract to be signed in the deal sef.

I told him no of course and ask for friendship instead, then he goes “I will give you time to think about it”

So girls, if you are looking for a hot-stud who is a married baby-boy as a potential boyfriend and you are willing to abide by his rules and regulations — head to Osborne for a run every Saturday or public holiday for a new.

I don give you expose oh. Thank me with your commission of just 10%.

LOL. Lagos sha!


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