First off, let me apologise for disappearing for so long. I assure you there is a valid reason…or maybe there isn’t…anyway

I am back writing now, and while this is not all that matters, it is such a big deal for me. I hadn’t written anything since the last post I shared here, making conscious efforts to avoid any occasion of writing. I’m sure it’s the stress of that avoidance that has caused the few grey hairs I saw recently.

I would have carried on avoiding this writing that won’t let me be, but two seemingly random things happened recently that made me do a rethink.

I met Timiebix for the first time. It was my birthday and I had a few friends over for drinks, barbeque – I was grilling, and conversation – an intimate affair. It turned out we had a few mutual friends and one of them invited her.

When we got introduced her name sounded familiar, and it all came together when I learned she wrote for SIG. I remembered her name from the comments section back when I wrote and was pleased to see her.

I walked up to her later, hoping she didn’t think I was going to hit on her.

“I hear you write for Single in Gidi,” I said, knowing it sounded like a pickup line.


“I used to write for SIG too.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Were you the guy in customer serv…”

“Bobo? Guilty.”

“What happened to you? Why did you stop writing?” She looked across the room to her friend who had invited her. “You got married.” Not a question.

I shrugged.

We talked some more, then I had to go tend the barbecue.

Before I left her she told me to write again, and like many who had asked me before her, I told her I would.

“I will write again someday. The writing won’t let me be.”

Three days later I got a notification on Telegram – Mz Gidi had just joined. We chatted and played catch up. It reminded me of the times we spent discussing my posts in the past and talking about the randomest things. It was a good feeling.

I am not superstitious, but I considered it a sign of sorts.

I really should write again.

I thought about it for a few more days, reluctant to get started especially considering that the site is Single in Gidi and I am neither single nor in Gidi. But I concluded that since you walked with me while I was back on the shelf, maybe you wouldn’t mind walking with me as I try to navigate life on the other side.

What do you think?

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