It’s that time of the year again, that time after eating all the Christmas rice and chicken that you begin to plan subconsciously for the new year.

New Year, New you…year of hitting the gym, saving more, investing more and so on. Soon it will be New Year’s Eve and if you’re like me you’ll probably be in church before midnight and at the stroke of midnight you will begin to get the ‘this is your year’ prophecies, this year we will come and eat jollof, bla bla bla. You know what I mean.

One thing that we never really do when dating is set goals, we often just go with the flow and in most cases dating then becomes a struggle and by the end of the year we end up sad or devastated that we did not accomplish what we set out to for the year. What I have always wondered is, if we can set goals for other areas in our lives, why don’t we set goals in dating other than the goal of getting married.

Whether you’re single, in a serious relationship, or one of the many things in between, dating is a part of your life, therefore it is important that you set goals and make them a priority. We all make mistakes, and all the advice in the world can sometimes be useless until we have to go through a bad experience and figure things out the hard way but it doesn’t stop us from trying. Hopefully, you might have learnt a thing or two about yourself when it comes to dating and are willing to take the plunge one more time.

Here are 12 dating goals you should totally consider in 2018

  1. Try to meet more people OFFLINE – I admit, I am one of those people who has more friends made online than offline, it has become a habit that when I go for events sometimes, I do not know how to interact with people. In 2018, make it a goal to meet more new people in person, at events, house parties e.t.c Make eye contact when you go to events, smile, be approachable, I am not suggesting you make a move on every guy you see, but it can’t hurt to strike up a conversation every once in a while.
  2. Eliminate textationships/situationships – Unless of course, that’s what you want for yourself. If not there’s no need continuing what is not going anywhere.
  3. Think beyond Drinks/Dinner/Movies – I know options are limited in Lagos when it comes to dating ideas but if you’re adventurous enough, you will find a few out of the box options, like a taking a tour, day trip to the outskirts of Lagos and community service. Ideas like these will teach you a little bit more about yourself and the other person.
  4. Delete Tinder – Let’s be honest, tinder does not have a good reputation in Lagos especially as a woman on there so no need deceiving yourself swiping left and right, thinking your Mr. Man will show up.
  5. Be open to being matched – Whether it be a matchmaker, friend or family, don’t knock down the offers to be matched. Go on these blind dates and see what else is out there for you. If you don’t like them, they might have a friend or cousin for you 🙂
  6. Step out of your comfort zone – Try doing something different from what you would usually do. Try it at least once.
  7. Forget the past – Leave 2016, 2015 and 2017 in 2017 and that includes no drunk texting, lonely messaging or whatever you want to call it. If you ever have one of those feelings (especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner), call up a friend and go hang out
  8. STOP Settling – You wouldn’t settle for a pair of shoes that don’t fit so stop settling when it comes to dating, whether it be personality, spirituality, bad sex or musical taste, you shouldn’t settle. Also imagine how you would feel if you were being settled for, if you don’t like that feeling, then don’t do it to someone else.
  9. If he/she is not contacting you, let them be – If they want to spend time with you, they would make an effort to stop putting yourself in an awkward situation
  10. Stop entertaining married men/women – Yes the attention may be nice, somehow they know what and what not to do but this isn’t some Nollywood/Hollywood romcom, they’re someone else’s so stop entertaining them.
  11. Call more, text/message less – Make an effort to call, it shows interest
  12. BE YOURSELF – If you have to be someone else to go on a date with a new guy/girl then it’s not worth the stress. Let them know the real you, not the facade you are putting up.

And that’s if for my dating goals you should totally consider in 2018, do you agree with setting dating goals or do you think there’s no point for one? Use the comment box below to let me know. Also, share some of the dating goals you are willing to try in 2018.

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Mz Gidi

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  1. I definitely agree with you. I don’t know about the tinder part though. I’m no longer active, but when i was i met great guys. I’m still friends with some of them till today. And nothing happened between us, just casual hangouts.


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