“I want to get pregnant.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“I’m serious.”

“What did you say?”

“I want to get pregnant.”

It was one of my weekends in Lagos and we were in the bedroom, fresh from visiting my brother and his family. It was a long drive and we were both tired.

Cynthia was lying in bed, earphones on listening to something on Instagram was my bet, while I laid on the floor in front of my laptop watching Match of The Day highlights on Youtube.

I had one ear bud in and the other dangling from my neck because Cynthia hated it when she had to repeat herself, most times louder because I had my earphones on. But there’s only so much concentrating one can do so I just ‘hmm’d’ and ‘ah’d’ through some conversations.

I sat up to face her.

“Okay babe,” I said seeing her serious look, “we have to sync this thing. Belle doesn’t enter just because one person…” she glowered at me “…two people want it to. If an ex or two are to be believed, I don’t fire blanks.”

“I’m ahead of you on this. I’ve been tracking my cycle and I’m on the clock within a day. It’s just that your weekends home have not coincided with my ovulation but we can correct that, unless of course, there’s something wrong with me.” Her face fell.

“Hey, hey,” I joined her on the bed and cupped her face in both my hands, “look at me.” I raised her face and noticed that her lashes were wet.

Just like that?

“Shhh… We already had this conversation nau. First, we’ve only been married 4 months – less than three technically, if we count only time spent together. That’s not the point though. You can’t be thinking something is wrong with you when we haven’t actively tried. Even then, maybe those girls lied and I’m the one firing blanks…” I paused till I saw her lips quiver, the beginnings of a smile.

“You can’t even be serious small?” She sniffed.

“Has anybody in my family, or yours, said anything about you and children? Has there been pressure from anywhere? Tell them to talk to me.” I said.

“No, nobody has said anything. It’s just that my body is ready.”

“Na so.”

“You’re the one I’m considering o. Do you want to train children with pension?” She smiled.

“Is it your pension?” I asked. “Actually it kinda is. Your lifestyle will be affected ba? But don’t worry I won’t let it get to that point. Besides, we’d agreed that if we end up unable to have children we will adopt.” I shrugged. “I honestly don’t have a problem with adoption.”

“But I would love to give you two children: a boy and a girl.”

“A girl and a boy,” I corrected her.


“Guys, that’s how she started crying and I was confused.” The boys and I were out for drinks and asun at The Place.

“Welcome to married life.” Sly said, taking a swig from his drink. “Shebi this is the first time she’s talking about it? It’ll happen again soon. Back then, I dreaded visiting families with kids because they seemed to set her off.”

“I can’t relate,” Scar grinned. “Wale this is what awaits you o, shebi you and Laide are now living together?”

“Wait. What?” I looked from Scar to Wale, my eyes saucers in my head.

“I can explain…” Wale chuckled.

“Don’t explain to me,” I waved my bottle around, “Just let us know when you fix a date and how much aso-ebi is. Congrats man.”

“I haven’t prop…”

“We don hear,” Phantom cut him off.


The next month during my trip home to Lagos, Cynthia and I went shopping for foodstuff and provisions like we normally did.

She was irritable and I bore the brunt of it. I didn’t mind because I knew she didn’t mean to be. Or at least she didn’t like that she was feeling that way.

“I’m tired of period.”

We just got home and were going up the steps.


“You heard me, I am tired of period. Back pain, stomach cramps, this mood… everything.”

“I will rub your back for…”

“Please be serious.”

Oh wow.

I dialed my funny down real fast.

“Pele dear.” I said in a small voice.

“Don’t sorry me, you have to fix up Mister man.” I recognized an attempt to take the sting out of her lash.

“I will try,” I said, then went on to try myself. “But come o, did the period suddenly become harder to bear since we got married?”

She waited for me to unlock the door and we were both inside when she said “You lack decorum.”

“On the real babe,” I said, “we both want this so just let me know when, I’ll even take leave.”

“Leave sounds about right, that way you can’t form ‘but I only hit it once.’”


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