First off, let me apologise for disappearing for so long. I assure you there is a valid reason…or maybe there isn’t…anyway I am back writing now, and while this is not all that matters, it is such a big deal for me. I hadn’t written anything since the last post I shared here, making conscious … More FROM THE OTHER SIDE


It was the year 2000 and I had graduated OND at the turn of the year. I was eighteen with the rest of my life ahead of me. But between me and that rest of my life stood a one-year internship before I could be eligible to apply for my HND. For the two years … More SUMMER LOVE


“Hey Bobo, this one you’re excited like this share the news nau.” My colleague turned to me. “Osime I see your work is not enough for you. You must chook mouth in anything Bobo.” I replied. “Abeg face your work.” “Abeg no vex.” She raised her hands in surrender before turning to face her monitor.” … More K FOR KARMA


“Still suffering the after effects of all that wine?” I asked Max as I steadied her. She looked up and in her eyes I saw something. She blinked and it was gone. “No jare,” she beat my hand away. “I was about to knock when you opened the door.” Do you knock with all your … More REBOUND


I put my arm around Max and my hand landed on a breast. I half expected her to slap my hand away, instead she ground into me, soft buttocks molded into the curve of my groin. I lifted myself onto one arm, the other still resting on her breast pulled her gently towards me and … More MAXINE


“Hey Bobo, everything okay?” Osime, my colleague asked. “I’m good o, just a little tired.” I stretched and feigned a yawn. “You’ve been acting strangely the last few weeks,” she said, “and these last few days you’ve worn a long face.” “What are you now, the behaviour police?” “Control yourself, my friend.” “Don’t call me … More GOODBYE


Brrrr… brrrr Relief washed over me and a smile split my lips as I listened to the phone ring. I had been trying to reach Cynthia for three weeks and I finally got through. “Hello?” My voice caught in my throat. A familiar warmth coursed through me at the sound of her voice. “Hello, who … More JUST LIKE THAT


Outside the airport I flagged down a taxi that was cruising by. In my experience, the 3-minute walk to the road could save one as much as N2,000 in cab fare. It was almost as if the airport cabbies were affronted that you dared fly, and they took out their anger in the way they … More LOVE DRUNK


“You again? It seems you only select my flights to travel on.” I smiled at the flight attendant. “It would seem so.” She pointed me to my seat – the general area – and I thanked her. A few minutes later another attendant came and asked me if I would like to move up. I … More SOME OTHER TIME