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As I floated up, out of the embrace of sleep, I became conscious of a softness against my back. I froze, confused. It was warm against my bare skin, and […]


We went down the spiral stairs to Shoprite. “How about you grab the wine and I’ll get some smoked chicken?” Cynthia asked. “Okay. Meet you at the checkout counter?” “Sure […]


I’m sorry, but who is this? I read the message again, composing and rejecting replies in my head. – I’m sorry, message sent in error. – lol. Bobo you are […]


– What’s the job? – It’s a marketing position. That gave me pause. I guess I could do some marketing, but I wasn’t one to do the song and dance […]


Hello beautiful… I wanted to walk over and introduce myself, but I did not want to be referred to or remembered as “that guy from the cemetery”. She was one […]


“When tomorrow starts without me And I’m not here to see If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me…”   ‘Hi.’ I tried […]


For days I toyed with the idea of sending Kalakuta Princess a message. ‘And say what?’ That always stopped me. There had been no words exchanged between us for some […]