Mizz Wakadugbe is away for a few weeks thanks to her paying job and so she won’t be available to submit reviews *insert sad face* but not to worry, I (Miss Gidi) reached out to one of my personal people who runs a blog that talks all about food in Lagos ( Foodie in Lagos) and she has agreed to let us feature one of her many reviews for the Easter Holiday.  So here goes 

#FoodieSnaps: Orela Bar & Restaurant

On a random evening (as usual), M and I went to Orela Bar & Restaurant to have dinner.

Orela is one of those cozy places that is rarely busy or pretty much empty and this leaves me wondering because the food is really on point! I first heard about this place from a friend of mine and it was just amusing because I had never actually noticed it was there no matter how many times I drove on the road where it is located.

Anyways what did we have right?

M – BBQ Beef Ribs and Fries

BBQ Ribs

FIL – Grilled Jumbo Prawns and Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Prawns

Both meals were had with a glass of Chapman.

The prawns were tasty and the portion was very filling but the way M was going in on her ribs made me pause and taste it. Let me just say this, it was ‘AMAZEBALLS’. We had to ask to see the Chef to say thank you for making us go good crazy on the ribs especially. There are now words to describe how amazingly and finger-licking good it was. Will we be going back? Yes but M has gone back two more times after this (she is now addicted).

If you are looking to have a nice meal that you would enjoy and give your taste buds a buzz, do try out the BBQ Beef Ribs 🙂

These ribs will do this to you

Quick Points:

– The atmosphere is serene and private enough to have a quiet date (wink)

– The Chapman isn’t so great. I feel like some places need to have courses on how to make a proper Chapman

– Pricing is fair

– The Chef is cute and is from Senegal (No I won’t post a pic…Lol)

Orela is located on 114 Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Have you been to Orela? What did you think? Any points? Do share, will love to hear from you

That’s it for our WHET review and recommendation today, do take out time to check out the blog Foodie in Lagos and show my friend some love.

Till Later,



Happy Easter Everyone! Hopefully you’re getting enough rest as much as I am, there seems to be a lot going on in Gidi this holiday but yours truly decided to sleep all through (don’t judge me).

Anyway, I was going to write about house hunting and living single in Lagos but then I came across this YouTube clip and wanted to share before the actual post

So to all the single ladies that live alone in Gidi what are your thoughts? Someone once said to me that single ladies who live alone are seen as women ‘without control’ (like women need to be controlled)

And for the guys, does it even make a difference if she lives alone or not.

Love always



Hello my fellow people,

First of all we would like to congratulate every Nigerian for a successful and peaceful election in 2015. Now is the time to make amends if you fought with your partner/toaster/toastee because of your different political views. Elections are not over yet so remember to go out and vote on the 11th of April for your preferred gubernatorial candidate.

However, in the spirit of democracy, exercising our rights and having fun, the SIG team would like you to take a few seconds to vote below 🙂

Remember your vote counts.

Thank you for voting


It has been a while since I (Miss Gidi) posted anything, not that anyone has noticed really  (:p) but Gidi life sure has a way of taking over daily living and somehow I end up postponing putting up a post (please forgive me). Luckily, I have a fab team of writers (and more joining soon) who help me out weekly and keep the blog alive while I hustle to pay the bills.

Over the weekend, a friend of mine buzzed me to know what my thoughts were on transparency in a relationship, why people think I am a great counselor on relationships, only God knows but she needed an unbiased opinion and somehow Miss Gidi came to mind.

When in a relationship, there’s usually the question of transparency, not with regards to dealing with the past (like we have discussed before) but with how much you should say to your partner about issues surrounding your life and most of all how much access you should give him/her to your social media accounts?

My friend had called me because after 2 years of dating her current boyfriend she felt it was time to give him more access into her life and by that I mean give him the passwords to all her social media accounts and her personal email. According to her, she had nothing to hide so it was only natural. In return (and I guess out of obligation) her boyfriend gave her access to his Instagram account only, which kind of made my friend a bit upset. Here she was, willing to take the risk and put everything on the table because she had nothing to hide and there he was, restricting the amount of access he could give to her.

Of course it has become a problem and she now has so many questions such as ‘why won’t he trust me?’ ‘but we’ve been together for a while now so shouldn’t this be normal?’ ‘if I’m willing to give him all why won’t he do the same?’ and yadi yadi yada. Her boyfriend though sees no reason to give her the password to every little thing especially since they have a relationship built on respect and trust for one another. She believes there is more to it; he must be hiding something, something that my affect their relationship negatively.

So she came to me, hoping for some validation I guess…and somehow I wasn’t on the same page with her.

See in my opinion, there should be some level privacy in a relationship, just because you are together no matter the length of time does not mean you have to give everything about yourself away. On the other hand I do not subscribe to secrecy in relationships so your partner should trust that they could always depend on you to be open and truthful to them when need be. For example, we could go through my emails or facebook messages together but you do need my password to ‘check’ anytime you feel the itch to.

Obviously my friend didn’t agree with my opinion, in her words “Boys have not shown me enough pepper in this life” so I decided to bring it up on the blog while she decided to go back to her initial plan of getting the passwords out of him by hook or by crook.

I believe she’s being unnecessarily paranoid and is at the verge of denting her relationship but I may be wrong so what do you think? Should she go ahead to push for the passwords or are you on my side for her to let it go? And if you’ve ever been or maybe you are in this situation right now, how did you handle it?

Use the comment box below to discuss



Dear Miss Gidi,

I’ve been in love with a friend of mine for over a year now. We met in NYSC camp in 2010 and have been very close ever since. Sometime in 2013, I told her that I wanted to have a relationship with her, to be honest, I want to marry her and nothing less but she has been putting me on a long thing ever since.

We get along very well and even our families know that we are close but somehow I just can’t get her to agree to date me especially since we are both single and have been since early 2013.

I have tried everything, I have gotten gifts, I have even driven her to the hospital at 2am in the morning when she wasn’t feeling well, my point is, I am always there for her but she won’t date me or be with me.

My friends joke around that she has me in her ‘brother zone’ but I refuse to believe so because we have gotten intimate once so it definitely won’t be that.

Honestly Miss Gidi (and all the other readers) what strategy works best in letting her know that I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her without using only words.


Frustrated Young Man



Ok so please use the comment box below to let Mr Frustrated Young Man know what you think.Do you think he should keep pursuing this ‘friend’? If yes, then what’s the strategy?

If you want to reach out to me or share your own story on the blog, you can send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com or follow SingleinGidi on Facebook, twitter and instagram 



Most people over the age of 25 have a dating history, for some it’s a few paragraphs long while for others it could be a television series split into seasons and episodes. Having a dating history also comes with possibly having a few people you would like to remain ‘history’ but in a city like Lagos where everyone is somehow connected to everyone else, the chances of running into ‘history’ is quite high.

Over the weekend, while having drinks with some friends, the whole talk on how to handle seeing someone you would like to forget came up. Nkem, now married, talked about how she ran into her ex, Toyin, and how her heart dropped at the sight of him. Nkem and Toyin had been together for about three years, she loved him and she believed he loved her as well until she found out via Facebook that he had gotten married to another young lady that his family had handpicked for him. As expected, the breakup was a painful one but she survived, met another man who adored her and got married.

Many years have passed since she last saw Toyin and from what she hears the marriage to the handpicked bride collapsed but seeing him again after so many years brought back that anger that she once had each time she thought of him.

Kunle on the other hand is the cliché Lagos heartbreaker, with the smooth talking lips and breath-taking looks to go, he always has a way to woo even the toughest of the women. To be honest, if I didn’t know better, I would have fallen for one of his smooth talking antics but mehnnn Baba God won’t allow bad tin to happen to mei n this life. His problem though is running into the women he had played games with the past, especially the good ones. Recently he found out that some lady that he really wanted to start a serious relationship with was related and close to another that he had hurt in the past. Well, they no longer speak to each other but let’s just say the damage was done and now Kunle has to face the fact that his reputation precedes him in this Lagos. He is usually very happy when he meets single ladies who have heard nothing of the famous ‘Kunle Jones’.

Nkem and Kunle are on different sides of this issue and even though they do not agree on other things, one thing is for sure and that is, they both wish some parts of their lives could be erased especially when those people/things come knocking. I for one know that there are certain people who I avoid when I see in public because now I know better to stay away from such people than I did before.

So today my questions are, are there situations in your life or people you dated that you wish you could disown? And when history comes knocking, how exactly do you handle it? Do you get upset like Nkem or maybe like me you pretend not to remember who they are and move on quickly? 

Let’s talk about this




P.S – Applications are open for a worthy valentine o 🙂



No one wants to share a sad story, no one wants to be the topic of ‘gist’, no one likes his or her business out there (unless of course that’s what puts food on your table) and I would like to believe that no one likes drama.



Everyone wants to share a good story, everyone wants to let the world know when they are happy about something new in their lives and with the advent of social media, we have all turned into mini-celebrities with some of us choosing to be active on the likes of Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or BBM or Whatsapp – making our lives accessible to everyone…friends, family, strangers, stalkers and even exes.

In times past, when people start out in a new relationship, one of the things they had to face was the issue of when to let their family and close friends know about their new partners. There was a form of tradition to it and most times not a lot of ‘outsiders’ got to know until the wedding day. But now things have become a bit different and there is the debate of ‘the public declaration’ especially on social media.

Of course I am assuming that everyone at one point or the other does a public declaration of their relationship either by changing their relationship status on Facebook, putting up pictures which could suggest a union or direct and indirect shout outs. For some it’s from the moment they officially start dating while for others it’s on the day they get engaged, truth is, if you are young and social media savvy in 2015, the likelihood of having a public declaration is moderately high.

Recently while having a conversation with two of my really good friends, one of them pointed out that she had no plans to have a public declaration until she got engaged, mostly because she believed that people are naturally nosy and with social media, they would find it very easy to keep track of the number of failed relationships before finally getting married. The other friend believed that a public declaration means you have nothing to hide and builds trust in the relationship because then everyone knows who the ‘main chic’ is (which again is another topic for debate).

I could see where each of them was coming from because I happen to be one of those that never forgets pictures of couples on social media and I eventually notice when they get ‘missing’ and if you are close enough to me, I will ask you what happened. At the moment, I have a few social media friends that I could give the chronicles of their relationship history, from the hookups to the blissful months to the troubled times and the eventual breakup. One time, I had this Facebook acquaintance that got engaged and I remember thinking ‘FINALLY O’ #dontjudgeme

When put in that position though, I struggle with the pros and cons of going public, on one hand I don’t care what people think and on the other hand, I do care because a discounted bride price is not on my agenda #justkidding (ok maybe I am 10% serious on that one) but in reality the idea of having people who aren’t close to me know details of my life kind of irks me. And then there are other questions I have to answer like ‘What happens to the pictures if we break up?’ ‘And if we do break up when is the right time to take down those pictures and status updates e.t.c?

As I am obviously still confused on this issue, I would like you to let me know what you think; is there a right time to go public with a new relationship? Should you even go public with your new love? What happens if you break up? Is there usually a mutual agreement for these things?

Okay I think that’s enough questions on this matter

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts


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Soooooo there’s a picture going around of Mrs Carter getting on top of things, if you have not seen it, here is the pic:

And of course everyone has one opinion or the other about her compromising ‘pose’ but people like me though, know that this is not new because a few years ago there was this:

 and this…

Therefore, when it comes to Mrs Carter and everyone like her, this is nothing new, she’s only being updated on the happenings around her husband.

I’m not going to talk about snooping through cell phones/emails/Facebook messages because there are a million and one articles on that out there and also a list of reasons on why you should or should not…(it’s a sign of insecurity they say)

Couples are often encouraged to be open in relationships especially in marriages – something about not keeping secrets from one another but as someone who has been in a relationship or is in one now, do you really need to know everything your partner does on a daily basis? Can there be room for secrets no matter how little?

Use the comment box below and let me know what you think





Oh and there’s this too



He proposed! I was not expecting it, OMG! I said Yes…arrghhhhh!!!!!



#justkidding *runs away* hehehehe

I can just see some of y’all running to the blog like yepa! Miss Gidi is off the market o, what will happen to the blog? Praise the Lord, hallelujah, it will now be Married in Gidi…emm no o my people, I am still single but you can keep praying sha, there are 12 months and exactly 52 Saturdays in 2015…e fit bi me o…but on to today’s gist

I’ve often wondered why newly engaged women are always ‘surprised’ when they get proposed to; let’s be honest, if you have been with someone for a while then you both must have talked about marriage at some point. So today my question is for every married and engaged woman out there,

Be honest, were you actually surprised that you got proposed to? or were you surprised at the ‘proposal’ itself?

Source: Confetti

A friend of mine once said that I was the type of girl who would not be surprised when I get proposed to, and my response was “umm why should I be surprised, shouldn’t I have talked about marriage with the ‘said’ person?” which then lead to a discussion on proposals and the cliché ‘Oh my God’ and screaming moment that every bride says they had.

Everyday I read proposal stories (not because I look for them but because they somehow end up on my timeline) and the brides always say how ‘surprised’ they were and how they were not ‘expecting’ it so I wonder, what were you expecting? a breakup? I mean unless he proposed the day after you met him, how are you actually surprised that you got proposed to?

I have had a few friends who were genuinely surprised, because there was a break up before the proposal so they thought the relationship was over when it actually wasn’t but for those who didn’t have to go through that drama, what was the ‘surprise’ of getting engaged?

On another note, Happy New Year…it’s good to have Lagos back as all the IJGBs are going back to their ‘homes’ and the Lagosians are returning from Dubai…for my people who got something from me the last time, please send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com so we can arrange how the gift will be delivered.


Miss Gidi

Side note – this post was initially posted on one of my other blogs…so if you have seen this before then you know who I am 

SIG in 2014

Exactly a year ago, I registered the blog Single In Gidi and had my first post on the 1st of January 2014. It started out as a blog to rant about the humour of being single in a chaotic city like Lagos but gradually grew into a community of single Nigerians within Lagos and abroad.

So as it is New Year’s and Birthday Eve, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has made SIG a success in 2014.

Besides, Facebook and twitter, I would like to thank Berry Dakara, Sims and Thelmathinks for being the top referrers this year 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 8.20.13 AM


Blogs are more fun with comments so I would like to thank my top 4 commenters …(well we can’t really thank Bobo Nkiti  because he also writes for SIG- check his journey here).. And as part of my appreciation, each of the top 4 commenters will be getting jewellery from LLKRAFTS

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I would also like to thank Bobo Nkiti and Miss Wakadugbe for joining SIG in its first year and if you are interested in joining the team then send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com and we can talk 🙂


And finally I would like to thank everyone that stopped by the blog, 122 countries is no joke so even if you never commented, here’s a huge virtual huuggggggggg

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On that note, cheers to a fab 2014 and see you in 2015, I’m so excited with the things the SIG team has in store for 2015 but you would have to wait to find out  (and maybe 2015 will finally be my year)