We’ve got mail: I don’t trust her – Chi

TGIM!!!!! , yes I am one of the few people who thank God it’s Monday (don’t hate!) or maybe it’s because I’m just naturally hyper. Anyway today we’ve got mail from Chi and after the last Dear Miss Gidi post, I’ve decided I shall leave the floor open for my lovelies (you guys) to respond 🙂 


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Hey Miss Gidi,

This is a bit weird for me because I’ve never sent an email to any of these kinda agony aunt things but I can relate with most of your posts and I think the comments are usually practical so here goes

I started dating my current boyfriend about 3 months ago and we’ve been good except for one thing that seems to bother me, he has a female friend that I am not comfortable with.

He spends a lot of time talking to her (like almost every day) and she always seems to know what’s going on with us. The thing is I have never met her in person but I know of her and she knows of me as well and according to my boyfriend she is not harmful because he has known her longer and if he wanted to date her he would have but he didn’t.

She always comes up in our discussions, and when we have arguments it’s usually gets worse when he says what she thinks which of course makes me even more upset. One time we argued about something and he didn’t apologise to me until she told him to because she made him realise he was wrong.

I just fell like she has a lot of control over my boyfriend and I do not want that happening because I don’t trust her, I just don’t.

So what do you think? Am I being paranoid? Or is there something I should do?




Chi is a very straight forward kinda chic sha, she didn’t even try to toast me before letting me know  her wahala LOL …(I still love ya for emailing Chi!).  As usual I have my thoughts on dealing with the female friend BUT do you think this female friend is a problem or should Chi just relax? 

Use the comment box below and let’s discuss 🙂 

If you want to reach out to me or share your own story on the blog, you can send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com or follow SingleinGidi on Facebook, twitter and instagram 



I think it was a Friday night, the first time I discovered another meaning to “Miliki”. Lagos was in the throes of the Festive Season euphoria. Victoria Island was bright with shimmering lights and happy people.

This came to mind as I put pen to paper, because the Festive vibe is creeping its way back and before you know what’s going on, the IJGB’s will return in full force “fone” and activities will skyrocket like dollar rates.

I had just attended a product launch event and I won’t even lie, I was feeling like a serious Sisi Eko in my outfit and I had the attention of a fine brother. When he asked that we go to a Jazz club that had just opened, yours truly was quick to cross my legs at the front seat of his car while smiling pretty and thinking ‘Oya, make we dey go na’..

My first impression of Miliki still leaves me with the most calming effect. It had this kinda laidback Parisian vibe going on. Eclectic mix of people either stood or sat around this cosy room surrounded by books in different genres. The low thrum of voices blended in with the rhythmic jazz being played by a band whose name I forgot to ask for. Tinkles of laughter followed the soft clinking of wine glasses and just like that I had finally found my favourite hangout spot!

Lagos has been undergoing an arts revolution in recent years and the rise of deep thinkers has brought a beautiful new vibe to Gidi. Miliki happens to be the perfect melting pot for everyone artsy or people who just appreciate an environment where they can think while being immersed in a social culture they can draw inspiration from.

If to say na so love dey take happen, I for don fall for my Mister Oga just for bringing me to a slice of heaven. With a glass of wine in hand, I settled down to do one of my favourite pastimes- People Watching. There were all kinds of people around. Famous Names lounged on sofas having conversations or reading books from the shelves. The waitresses were not “in-your-face” like you see at a lot of places, but they were always there when you needed them. I must say I was rather impressed by their service, polite, friendly with the right amount of ‘distance’ for your privacy.

Miliki is the perfect location for people like me who are not always in the mood for the “Bang bang, Boom Boom”, BUT here’s the catch, it’s “Members Only”.

That almost sucked away my delight even though I could accept that it has to be that way to keep it the way it is. I cannot quite remember how much it costs to be a member, but I recall it had me shrinking a bit…I lie, I just don’t want to write the amount in this post but you can check here sha

If you’ve got the money and you’ve got the right kind of passion, please invite me along whenever you register. Better still, sign me up!


Mizz Wakadugbe

Miliki is located at Etim Inyang street, off Muri Okunola street, VI.

From Clap to Dance

It all started as a joke.

I was one of a set of graduate trainees, or GTs as we were more commonly referred to. Fresh from the classrooms of a secondary school in Northern Nigeria thanks to NYSC, I did not know what to expect on the job.

Fifty-four of us got in and, for the first few days of our orientation, the other GTs were a blur of brown skin, formal clothes and a muddle of voices each trying to assert themselves.

By the next week cliques were formed and the rumour mills started.

I heard of Rolayo before I met her.

I was at lunch, at a table with three of the GTs. I had earphones on to discourage conversation, but no music was playing.

‘See her,’ one of the girls at the table pointed her chin at someone behind me. I almost turned. The other two did. ‘She will be carrying body as if no o, she’s better than everyone else here. I heard she’s a single mom. She has a daughter.’

I buried my face into my plate of spaghetti.

‘Stop it.’ The guy to my right chided her. ‘Daughter? How?’

‘I don’t know sha, I just heard that it’s as if she doesn’t know the father of the baby.’


‘I’m telling you.’ Miss Information insisted.

Single parent.

That was the first thing I learnt about Rolayo. During the course of the program we worked in different departments, but our paths crossed a few times, and the more I spoke with her, the more I realised there was to her. As for her daughter, the father’s family did not approve of Rolayo and he was tied to his mother’s apron strings – or maybe the father’s purse string.

I am not one to judge, but I felt he must have been crazy to walk away from her.

Rolayo is one of those people who, once you let them in your life, want to take over and mother you – usually without your permission. I always teased her that she was created to be a mother of many nations. Her full breasts and wide hips did not hurt. I had seen people’s eyes glaze over, their mouths hanging open only closing when they swallowed; seen throats bob and heard sentences cut short because Rolayo walked into a room or walked past. Men or women, it did not matter.

The years passed and we became pretty close in the way I get close to people – in cycles. Best friend and chat buddy today, spells of silence, and then best buddies again.

It was during one of our best buddies phase that she sprung it on me.

I had just come out of a relationship, my second or third in the two years I had known Rolayo. We were at lunch and she was sitting opposite me, listening as I gave her the details of this break up.

‘Bobo,’ she said not looking at me, ‘let me be your Sugar mommy.’

I almost swallowed the spoon in my mouth.

‘What?’ I asked when my choking subsided.

‘I said let me be your Sugar mommy, you’re acting brand new.’ a smile played around her lips, in her ayes though, there was a faraway look.

It’s not that I had never thought of Rolayo that way, it was impossible not to. It’s just that she’s out of my league, way out of my league.

On some Mondays when she regaled me with stories of owambes that she attended during the weekend, her narrative was usually peppered with names of people I only saw on tv or in society gossip magazines – not that I read those – and not the new money names. No.

She didn’t name them the way one would if dropping names for effect, she said them in a by-the way manner.

Her ensemble at these parties could pay my house.

So, as I sat across from her in the office canteen, I realised that, despite our closeness in age, she probably could very easily be my benefactor in the way that Sugar Mommies are rumoured to be.

But still, it was Rolayo.

Miss Gidi’s guidelines to being a Gidi Hot Babe

It is a well-known fact that Lagos has a lot of beautiful women either by genetics or by acquisition,; no matter how ‘hot’ you think you are, there’s always someone hotter. If you think you have curves, then you will meet someone curvier or maybe you think your claim to fame are your long, chocolate legs wellll you will soon find that you are not alone on that wall of fame. (#teamlonglegs).

I guess that’s general knowledge for all beautiful women but I’m sure you want to know what makes a gidi hot babe so different from the others?

You don’t? Well I am telling you anyway

Being a Gidi hot babe is not easy, to be honest, some of us have tried and failed in this matter because it takes a lot to be that ‘established’ kind of girl (or we just have other priorities in life). But I do understand that a lot of other women are curious to know how to become one because let’s be real, this city has a lot of competition and you have to stand out in whatever way you can. So here are the guidelines of being a Gidi Hot Babe:

  • You must be active on social media – specifically Instagram. I mean that’s like the easiest way to show off your God-given/acquired beauty. There are additional rules to this, like having only fully made up pictures, not throwing back to more than 3 years (except cute baby pictures), having at least 10 bikini shots and so on
  • You must have celebrity friends – like how else will you be popular if you don’t have other famous people who have worked hard for you to latch on?
  • You must never admit to knowing commoners (in public) – so that friend you were once close to, that’s not famous? You don’t know him/her in public settings. You must know how to pretend like you didn’t see them and then act surprised but not too surprised when they say hi so you are not confused as being fake.
  • You never say HI/HELLO first – Unless of course it’s a celebrity that can help you up the ladder
  • You must be a snob – as a Gidi hot babe, you can’t be talking to anyone you see na? learn to have a straight face when people ‘below’ you try to talk to you.
  • You must be busy or fake being busy – especially at events so BBM/Whatsapp chatting at weddings and parties is totally allowed for a woman of your calibre because you will be ‘busy’
  • You must have an accent – preferably American or British
  • You must use celebrity hair stylists/fashion designers/makeup artists and salons – as a Gidi hot babe, you only go for the expensive and popular …don’t forget to take a picture and mention on Instagram
  • You must have everything expensive – shoes, bags, cell phones, outfits, exotic trips, spa treatments e.t.c. As a gidi hot babe you must be seen as someone who is ‘chopping life’. Are you wondering how you can get all of these? Easy! You don’t spend your money or you can save towards it (but never admit to saving)…oh and remember to post it on Instagram too (you may want to skip the part of who gave it to you though so you are not confused as being a ‘run’s girl’)
  • You must be HOT – because none of this matters if you do not have the right foundation as a ‘hot babe’

So there you have it, Miss Gidi’s guidelines to being a Gidi Hot Babe

Shout out to all the Gidi Hot babes I see doing absolutely nothing except being ‘hot’ because that in itself is a lot of work and y’all need some recognition for your hardwork.

Till we meet again


Before I forget, it’s important you have a job or a business, something to show that you have other priorities.


My mama taught me to keep quiet if I had nothing good to say about anything. In my head, that gave me license to never shut up when I had something good to say. Therefore, I am usually the one to keep raving about something good so much that you could change my name to Mizz Talk-Talk and be absolutely right…anyway (as Miss Gidi likes to say)

Hi beautiful people of Gidi! How una dey?

As usual, my two left legs carried me to a place so lovely, I would absolutely cry if I didn’t share it with you.

Last weekend, I had a date with one bros like that (which we shall not talk about) and ended up going to a place called Bangkok for dinner but before I continue let me just confess that I fall my hand small sha because when he said to meet him at Bangkok, I responded “Bangkok ke? Is that one not in Thailand? I be winch? Na fly I go fly reach?”

*covers face* #dontjudgeme

Source: Vconnect

With no small amount of trepidation, I arrived this small restaurant practically hidden by flowers and other buildings. I actually drove past it before locating it.

Honestly, I was not expecting much from this place and had begun to “look” at my date with left-eye. Which kain hole-in-the-wall place be this one?

The minute I walked through the doors though, I was smiling a little. It has this quaint romantic feel and look. Sure, they need to do some upgrades, but it has a charm that appeals. And I was greeted by this tiny and extremely beautiful obviously Thai hostess. She even taught me their way of greeting, which I honestly cannot remember now to save my life.

After razzing my date a bit (you know I had to!), I ordered a full on 3-course meal and journeyed to blissdom when it arrived. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love fantastic meals, especially spicy ones.Sue me! My love for spicy almost had me choking when Chef Paul came out to say hello and find out if we were enjoying the meal. He cracked some jokes I couldn’t possibly repeat here. I was in stitches laughing.

IMG_20141031_135746[1] IMG_20141031_135729[1] IMG_20141031_135732[1] IMG_20141031_135742[1]

They served us this beautifully carved watermelon after. I felt like a sinner eating it.

For someone as hard to please as I am when it comes to food, I give Bangkok full points for delivery and quality. To enjoy their meals, you do have to have some significant cash on you or in your account. They don’t come cheap, but are not expensive either. Mid range, I’d say. If you like discovering out-of-the-way places, find your way to this charming restaurant located in Muri Okunola street, VI.

And for those who think I am stuck on the island, na where I see I go waka go now. Send me invites to places you absolutely love: bar, restaurant, dance club, cafe, wherever! I will gladly visit and try to see why you love it too.

Location: 244A Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Islad


Mizz Wakadugbe

Too Many Crazies

I listened in horror as Max gave out my number on air.

‘So ladies,’ she said, ‘if you’re ready for a roller coaster ride, give Mr. Bond a call.’

What did you just do? I asked her.

Relax. Came her reply. It’s just something to take your mind off your situation.

‘Perhaps not a lot of people listen to the program.’ I told myself. ‘Definitely not a lot of people take these things too seriou…’

My thoughts were broken by notification sounds as messages came flooding onto my phone. The text messages were coming in faster than I could read them. And there were a few phone calls and some flashes too.

‘Who flashes with a strange number? Am I supposed to call back? Na wa o.’

The nervousness I felt with the first few messages soon gave way to some excitement, but that soon changed to apprehension when I read some of the messages.

Hi Mr. Bond. My name is Ada n am 28yrs. I wnt go on ur rolacosta. Pick me.

Mr. Bond, am a real vampire. Come let me tak u 2 our leaders so u can bcom 1 of us.

Hi Mr. Bond, I listened to your profile by Maxine and I think I’m the girl for you. Can I call you?

I like blood and danger and adventure. Can you assure me of these things?

‘sup. I tink am the woman for u. Where can we mt up?

Different variations of those messages came pouring in. At some point I set my message notifications to silent, but the red light kept flashing, calling me back from the brink of sleep to the phone.

Hey Max, see set up! I didn’t think people took these things seriously. My phone battery is almost flat and the phone is hot, and still the messages are coming in.

Honi, enjoy it. Too many single and lonely people out there.

Too many crazy people you mean. Some people have promised to take me to the bottom of the Atlantic to meet their queen. Even guys have called and sms’d me. Too many crazy people, I tell you Max.



I woke up the next day to find thirty-four text messages and more missed calls. A groan passed my lips.

I was going through the messages when I noticed a WhatsApp message.

‘Sup. Are you there? Or on your way to work?

I didn’t recognise the number, but there was a familiar quality to the message so I replied.

Hey. I’m still home. Should leave in a bit. You?

I’m okay. Are you in Lagos?

I didn’t think anything of this because I had recently come back from a trip out-of-town.

Yes, I am. How’re you and work?

Work? I do business. Work has plenty wahala. Where do you leave?

That question woke me up, not just because of the misuse of leave. I tried to view her avi but I had to save her number first. Damned WhatsApp. I didn’t recognise the lady in the picture.

Lagos. You?


I’m sorry, but how do I know you? I asked.

U don’t know me. Maybe I should send u photo?

I was still contemplating the question when I received two pictures. One was of a girl walking down some steps holding the balustrade, the other was of the same girl lying in bed face down. The picture was taken to accentuate her curves and there was something feline about her lying like that.

I didn’t recognise her from the photos and I told her so.

Are u save with me now? So, where do u leave?

Are you familiar with Lagos? I asked.


And I told her.

So do u want me 2 come?

Come? You don’t even know if I’m a serial killer 😮 I joked.

 I can come holy if u can Driver to down to my place o. Not mainland. Lekki.


I kill pple too, so stay where u are.



I closed the chat. At least I could not say she did not warn me.

‘Too many crazy people in this town.’

I opened the next message, saw who it was from and my breath caught in my throat.


Convenient Relationships

If you met someone with whom you had a bond but the relationship wouldn’t be convenient, would you consider that relationship or would you prefer what is available?

That my friends was the question I was asked a few days ago while having a conversation/argument on long distance relationships and everything that has to do with it. We all know the usual arguments against long distance relationships such as proximity, trust and the typical ‘body no bi firewood’ points but at the end of the day, does the fear of being hurt and/or infidelity cause most single people to choose what is convenient over what may be ideal?

I must admit that some relationships are birthed out of convenience without considering the necessary factors required for a successful relationship which should lead to a lifetime together. For example, certain people in Lagos would not date anyone that lives over 5 miles from their place of residence (*cough* Islanders *cough cough*) but the question is, would you turn down the opportunity to be happy with someone who is everything you want and more for what is available?

Source: Elite Daily

It is very easy to develop a connection with someone who  you have easy access to, even when you know there is no future in it and they’re not adding any real value to your life; and it’s a lot easier to stay in a relationship that’s not working because it’s convenient and being alone or starting a new relationship is not easy…but then again nothing good comes easy right?

Recently, I have come across a lot of relationships that have been birthed out of the availability or over-availability of the other party, like the guy is always there to give the young lady a ride, he’s always around when she calls him, he gets her everything she wants; and for guys it’s that the chic is always there, she helps him around his house, cooks, cleans, gives him the ‘cookie’ when he needs it and so many other selfish reasons. Sometimes they settle and then after marriage, one or both parties ends up regretting their convenient decision and tries to figure out a way to work it out or walk out of it.

Convenient relationships go beyond distance, sometimes it has to do with other factors such as availability of the person in question, filling a lonely void, if he/she fits what is required of you (in the case of unreasonable lists from third parties) and many other reasons which do not answer the question of ‘seeing a future with that person’.

Soure: RotteneCards

I once had to steer clear from a certain someone because it was obvious that the only reason he actually considered dating me was because I was the available/convenient choice not necessarily his ‘ideal’ choice. It was so obvious that even when I asked the typical ‘why me?’ question, his second reason was because I was ‘available’ while his first was that I was the most compatible fit. I pretty much felt like he had a check list and I had ticked most of the boxes especially since he missed a vital point of if he actually cared for me and saw a future with me.

Please note that I am not saying relationships must be difficult and/or problematic but if you met someone with whom you had a bond but the relationship wouldn’t be convenient, would you consider that relationship or would you prefer what is available?






This is the line where I introduce myself, but I’m thinking “how do you introduce anonymity?” Anyway, I am Mizz Wakadugbe and you can think of me as that person who keeps you constantly “whet” with information on the best places in our good old gidi, where you can grab a bite, hand the keys to a designated driver and indulge just enough to start feeling “nice”, or sway to rhythms of the night.

One of such places reminds me of a song with the following lines:

When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more…”

Any ideas yet? No? Yes? Let’s keep going a bit, shall we?

Since I am the lady of the Lagos hotspots (that’s what Miss Gidi called me o), expect to get first hand reviews of where to go and what to do on a weekend out in Lagos. You would be amazed what you’ll find in this crazy city from classic parties to well coded restaurants and exclusive wine bars…if it’s in this Las Gidi, trust me to find it and bring it to you here on Single in Gidi.

I remember one of the best parties I ever attended. It was a beach party on a private island, t and I had everything you need for a truly banging party! There were hot people everywhere, A-list celebs, food and more than enough to drink. The vibes were real. Nobody wanted to leave …okay I am ranting again

Source: Swe Facebook Page

Last weekend, my girls and I decided to let our hair down and enjoy what Lagos has to offer..we ended up at “Swé” located at the City Mall in Onikan, this lounge has been around for a while but this time there was something a bit different to it, not only was it the perfect place to let tensions loose and let the atmosphere sway us to glorious heights, it was the perfect networking opportunity as the society’s cream of the crop were also in attendance that night. *wink wink*

The music was great and food was delicious but most of all the drinks were affordable all night long, not like we had to pay for most of it but at least we knew that if anything happens, we could still handle the bill LOL…

This is just my introduction, next week I will have something a bit more detailed for you but for now you should try out Swé tonight for something laid back in the early evening and something vibrant later at night…

Location: 2nd Floor City Mall, Onikan (Opposite the Muson Centre)

I’m out.

Mizz Wakadugbe


Happy Friday!!! (in the typical Nigerian way)

As you can see the SIG is growing and now we have Mizz Wakadugbe who is the lady of the Lagos hotspots. Occasionally I get asked where to go and what to do in Lagos and most times I actually have no clue because I tend to do the same things over and over again, which is why I had to ask for the help of Mizz Wakadugbe here to recommend spots on the blog. 

Her column WHET is  her take and suggestions of places to try out in Lagos, from restaurants, amusement parks (when they exist) and even a lineup of events that you may want to try. If you have something or somewhere you would like her to visit or try then simply send an email to singleingidi@yahoo.com and she will be there live ..she’s not a wakadugbe for nothing LOL

Anyway do have a great weekend fam and welcome Mizz Wakadugbe to the team 


Call me Mr. Bond

Source: Esquire UK

When I was ten my mother took me to see an evangelist. She was having this recurring dreams where bad things happened to me, and when she told her brother, he directed her to this man of God.

‘Brother Jerome please I want you to pray for my son.’ She flashed him a smile, the plea in her voice and her eyes and in the way she held out both hands towards him.

‘Who? This asewo?’ he flicked his fingers in my direction without looking at me.

My mother gave a nervous chuckle and cold dread came over me. The rest of what they said was lost to me. I had been found out.

‘How did he know? Did he really have powers? Surely he must, or else how would he know about Angelina in school? Or Amaka from Legion? Or that girl in the choir?’

I went through my list of crushes, girls I was too shy to talk to. My heart raced and my body tensed for the sting of mom’s slap that was sure to follow his revelation.

The slap never came. If anything, it seemed mom did not take his words seriously. Or she was more interested in getting me the prayer I needed.

Eight years later, standing in the sacristy dressed in my vestments and waiting with the other Altar Servers to go out in procession, the officiating priest who was visiting my parish turned to us and asked me.

‘Have you ever considered the priesthood?’

I looked at Fr. O’Leary like he had sprung two heads.

‘Sorry Father, what?’

‘The priesthood,’ he repeated with a smile.

‘Ermm, no Father.’ I stuttered. ‘I mean, God has not called me, Father.’

‘What if I tell you that this is God calling you?’ his eyes never left my face.

I squirmed and looked around at the other Servers. They would not meet my eyes.

‘Father,’ I said, ‘God would have to talk to me personally. Whisper in my ears, Father.’

His smile faltered.

‘I take it you have many girlfriends then,’ he said and I heard the other boys giggle while my cheeks burned.

I did not have a girlfriend, let alone many girlfriends, but girls held a fascination for me and I already knew that my vocation was a fatherly one, just not a Reverend Fatherly vocation.

There were girls in school and at church that I could have dated, but I believed such relationships must end in marriage and I could not guarantee that so I went through Secondary School single.

I went on to university where I started dating, but found that I could never keep a girl for longer than two semesters. A pattern I continued for most of my life as a serial monogamist until I met Keme two years ago.

We had been together for two years – a personal record – and now, because I forgot to clear my chats, even that was over.


Hey Max, she just left me.

It was about 10pm and I was lying in bed listening to my friend on radio. Maxine and I have been friends for over ten years and she hosted a dating program on radio. When I could, I listened in.

I listened in for the music, and during the show I would send her messages to tell her what I thought, or take a trip down memory lane with her, trips inspired by the song she was playing at the time.

That night I was trying to wrap my head around how one could go from in a relationship to single again when she came on air. I listened for a bit before sending her that message, and then I waited.

What? Came her reply minutes later. How are you feeling?

Like crap. I sent her. There’s an emptiness here. I touched my stomach as if she could see me.

Aww, you poor dear. She replied. Hold on, I got an idea.

‘Guys, and by guys I mean ladies.’ I heard her saying on air. ‘I have this friend, let’s call him Bond. So my friend Bond recently became single and I’m looking to hook him up because that’s what I do…’

BEST FRIENDS….till she gets married

In Nigeria (and I suppose everywhere else) getting married is a big deal, so it’s with no surprise that when ladies finally meet their potential husbands, get engaged and then married, it becomes a huge ceremony and achievement to be celebrated (and I am not even trying to be sarcastic). What I have also observed is that when some women get engaged and/or married, they decide it is the best time to cut off a lot of their single female friends, it’s almost predictable and somehow worrying.

In order to understand this better, I decided to ask a few questions as to why some married women ‘break up’ with their single friends once they earn the Mrs title and here are a few responses I got:

  1. Ideologies change – obviously since the women are now in different phases of life, there are certain things that the single female friend may not understand .e.g when a married woman has to take permission from her husband before having lunch with a once female best friend who is still single.
  2. The husband does not like the single friend – this is explanatory but when the husband says he doesn’t like his wife’s friend then that friend has to be cut off for the sake of the marriage.
  3. Nothing in common – I guess this is the same as #1 but for obvious reasons single women and married women no longer have anything in common to talk about once one of them gets married.
  4. She could steal the husband – apparently some married women feel insecure when their single female friends come around their husbands because they could be ‘jealous’ of what the married woman has and therefore try to steal the husband in question (too many dang Nollywood movies I tell ya). So it’s a lot better to get rid of the single female friend before they get any ideas

I’m not trying to start a single versus married women debate here but  it amazes me that when in the midst of a lot of married women in Lagos, it turns out that their major concern is their husbands leaving them for another woman, especially the single ones, so they start out by weeding out the obvious single ladies they know and possibly do not trust.

I’ve never been married before (duh!) but for those who have or are engaged, is there a special reason for letting go of your single female friends? Especially since the husband/engaged brother does not cut off his single male friends…and for the single ladies who may have been cut off because their friend got married, how did it feel and what did you do?

As for me sha, none of my married/engaged friends have cut me off yet…what can I say?…everybody loves Miss Gidi