It was a Sunday and I was visiting Wale. Sly, Scar, and Phantom (I just realized how like a band of pirates we must seem) were there too. I was slugging it out with Wale on FIFA 17 and he had me against the ropes – I was two goals down with less than thirty … More WHAT IF?


“Hello babe, sleep okay?” “My heart,” and as always this made me smile, “I am good. You nko?” Cynthia asked. “I did too. How is Bobo doing?” “He’s here beside me, sleeping. Mumsi thinks I should wake him up to bathe, but I am happy to let him wake up by himself. Meanwhile, you are … More FINDING HELP


I woke up with a start and lay for a moment wondering why. I lay in the pre-dawn darkness blinking the spots away, waiting for my breathing to slow and for my heart to stop racing. I raised my wrist to my face and the glow from my smartwatch made me close my eyes. 05:16. … More HELP ME

BOBO 2.0

I was not always Bobo Nkiti. Maybe I was, but that wasn’t my government name. I was born the fourth of five children: sister, sister, brother, me, sister. I was argumentative as a child and was always getting into it with my brother, and that earned me the nickname ‘Zik’ after Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. Thinking … More BOBO 2.0


Back home from the hospital, there was some adjusting to be made and I was not ready. My mother-in-law moved in with us, even though I heard that culturally it was supposed to be my mother doing the moving in. We don’t roll like that where I come from, plus Cynthia and I agreed that … More MY BABY


I took three weeks off work to be there for the baby’s birth, starting from the week before the EDD. I hoped to get at least a week or so for bonding before I had to return to work. My first week was spent going on long evening walks with Cynthia around the neighbourhood. My … More HEY YOU


I have always hated hospitals. As a child, a pending visit to the hospital conjured up images of an overly eager nurse wielding a syringe prepared for my buttocks – why do they push the plunger so you see the drug squirt? Scarier than the prick of the needle breaking my skin was the thought … More WHAT’S IN A NAME?


When my phone rang that morning it set my heart racing, no different from the last few times she had called me. Although we had made it past the first trimester, I still dreaded receiving a call saying Cynthia was rushed to the hospital. I thought getting pregnant was the hardest part, but I was … More BABY BRAIN


“Guys, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me at work last week.” I was in the middle of a match with Phantom. We were at my place – Cynthia was having a girls’ day out with her friends. I told the boys about Rosemary and, in typical fashion, they dove in. “I need to understand … More INSTINCTS


On the day Rosemary entered my life, I was sitting in my office staring at the computer. I had my earphones on and was listening to music, my swivel chair was reclined, my eyes shut and my cup of coffee cradled on my chest. There was a knock and, before I could collect myself, the … More TWISTED