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I have met people who will say something like ‘oh I’d rather go where I eat for cheaper and be fuller’ or ‘I am not really into all this mede mede and I will rather go to the Buka or Mama Putt’.. sounds familiar?

Well then, if you know such people or you are one of such, then this post might be of interest to you.  Lagos Island/Marina is gifted with so much food that it is so unfair really to our bodies and work productivity. For a very long time I had been going to this place where I always just refer to as ‘First Bank Amala’ or ‘Coca Cola’ just because it’s across the HQ of the Bank and its also branded heavily by Coca Cola and I was shocked to see that they actually had more than Amala there (lol).

I remember not loving Amala so much while growing up and I can not place what changed. Maybe it was the Amala ShittaI had or the Just Amala in Ikeja I had or was it Iya Eba? Yes clearly I have eaten Amala in a lot of different buka’s in the city of Lagos and constantly looking for more spots. Where are my Amala People??? I might just be tempted to do a post on Amala joints in Lagos.

Its so easy to get tired of rice for lunch and Amala was the first thing that came to my mind for lunch and I was inspired to do a post on this as these places are not that bad especially for those who are finicky about the environment for such meals. So First Bank Amala as its fondly called actually has a name which I only just realised – Defence Car Park Canteen.


This place is usually busy during the week because its essentially in the business hub of Lagos. The layout is such that those who sell solids are at the entrance, the soups and stews are on another side and those who sell rice are also in another section of the space.

Soup, Meat, Fish and Everything Section

My heart usually jumps for joy when I watch as these hardworking women are turning and tossing their hot steaming solids – Amala, Eba, Pounded yam etc and I am like wow, that’s some muscle building right there!

Hot steaming amala

I can confidently spend N2,000 a week if I eat here alone and I feel N2,000 is too much for this place but hey… our appetites are different.

Variety  of Choices

When it comes to Amala, I’m a one-way street – Amala + Gbegiri + Ewedu = TKO! and maybe with some ‘assorted meat’ or goat meat or anything funky really but A+G+E = Abula is a must! Two servings of Amala which costs N50 a serving fills me up and the normal regular sized beef is about N50 each while the assorted meats are in the range of N200 and above depending on what you fancy.

If you are one of those who love to use your hands to eat, hey there is alot of clean water to wash your hands when you are done and serviettes as well to ensure no spills leave with you (lol)


The food here is great if this is what you like and they have everything! Its so popular in Marina and you can’t miss it as it is just opposite the big First Bank building.

Abula Conquered

*Shy face* I cleaned my plate nicely as thou shall not waste Abula. To be fair, they actually strive to maintain a clean and healthy environment and the cleaners are constantly making rounds to remove dirty plates and clean the tables. As far as I’m concerned, its pretty decent and even ‘Ajebutters’ can eat here 🙂 It really is one of the cleanest local places I have been to.

Foodie in Lagos is a food blog birthed as a result of the love and adventure for all things food and constant requests by friends for referrals on good places to eat depending on the occasion.

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Mizz Wakadugbe is away for a few weeks thanks to her paying job and so she won’t be available to submit reviews *insert sad face* but not to worry, I (Miss Gidi) reached out to one of my personal people who runs a blog that talks all about food in Lagos ( Foodie in Lagos) and she has agreed to let us feature one of her many reviews for the Easter Holiday.  So here goes 

#FoodieSnaps: Orela Bar & Restaurant

On a random evening (as usual), M and I went to Orela Bar & Restaurant to have dinner.

Orela is one of those cozy places that is rarely busy or pretty much empty and this leaves me wondering because the food is really on point! I first heard about this place from a friend of mine and it was just amusing because I had never actually noticed it was there no matter how many times I drove on the road where it is located.

Anyways what did we have right?

M – BBQ Beef Ribs and Fries

BBQ Ribs

FIL – Grilled Jumbo Prawns and Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Prawns

Both meals were had with a glass of Chapman.

The prawns were tasty and the portion was very filling but the way M was going in on her ribs made me pause and taste it. Let me just say this, it was ‘AMAZEBALLS’. We had to ask to see the Chef to say thank you for making us go good crazy on the ribs especially. There are now words to describe how amazingly and finger-licking good it was. Will we be going back? Yes but M has gone back two more times after this (she is now addicted).

If you are looking to have a nice meal that you would enjoy and give your taste buds a buzz, do try out the BBQ Beef Ribs 🙂

These ribs will do this to you

Quick Points:

– The atmosphere is serene and private enough to have a quiet date (wink)

– The Chapman isn’t so great. I feel like some places need to have courses on how to make a proper Chapman

– Pricing is fair

– The Chef is cute and is from Senegal (No I won’t post a pic…Lol)

Orela is located on 114 Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Have you been to Orela? What did you think? Any points? Do share, will love to hear from you

That’s it for our WHET review and recommendation today, do take out time to check out the blog Foodie in Lagos and show my friend some love.

Till Later,


For a truly unbelievable reason, my weekly posts have not been going through and I am saddened about that but I am here now so hey let’s move on.

Dare I hope that I have been missed even a teeny tiny bit? Because I have missed you!

Work has been a bit intense, and moving houses kind of added to the stress level. Imagine my delight when an old friend calls me up an hour before I closed from work on one of those days when I felt like letting loose a good scream. He told me of this nice place sort of close to my new place. I jumped at it like a little girl at candy.

Now you all know me to some extent. You know I’m well into aesthetics and this place supplied it for me! Situated on the top floor of a plaza on the Lekki/Epe expressway right opposite the agungi/ajiran road, it has a patio lounge with faux grass that lends the feel of being in a garden to the place. And it overlooks the city, so for someone like me who is totally into people watching, this was a big hit. I could play “voyeur” without having the favor returned. Hehe.

They had very calming music playing, they alternated between classical, jazz, country and soul. I was in heaven as I felt the stress of my day melt away gradually as I dug my feet into the faux grass and sipped my ice-cold malt drink while I waited for my simple order of French fries with spicy chicken to arrive.

I should warn you chicas, if you are not confident in yourself and you go there with your man… Hmmmmm, I sorry for you
The waitresses strut around in bum shorts and they are quite buxom too. I enjoy seeing ladies prance around showing what their mamas gave them, maybe because I’m like that sometimes too.

When the food arrived, it was spicy enough for me and the fries crisp. All considered, not bad at all.

P. S my mind is still on the painting by the elevator that caught and held my interest!! Would they hand it over to me if I begged nicely?

Oh and did I mention I saw a gym on my way down? If you live around agungi, osapa, idado, jakande, igbo-Efon and yadi yadi ya… You just might enjoy this place. Worth a visit!

It’s called Wind Lounge and is located in GistMe Plaza, Lekki Epe expressway.

Yes, you’re welcome! Hehe


Toodles 🙂

Mizz Wakadugbe


Valentine’s Day has come and gone with all the drama surrounding it. Like the bridegroom, it came in the night and rocked the world of only the prepared ones. We had some people floundering like fish out of water. I should know, I saw them.

It was my sister’s birthday and she likes to call herself my forever Valentine because I always spend it with her. I’m sad for the future Mr. Anyhoo, we turned up like it was the 70s and life was just beginning. After the 1st day party, my turn-up queen cousin suggested we go to Caliente and continue the groove. I needed my bed more, but her suggestion birthed today’s post.

Caliente is an upbeat club has been around for a while and continues to rock even with the controversial rumours circulating about it. If you haven’t heard them, ask your nearest rumor-monger. He/She would be sure to spice it up even further with ginger, pepper, salt and Maggi. Trust me.

Caliente is owned by a charming husband/wife duo- Ruby and Hossam. You only need to be around them for a few minutes to tell that these two love each other dearly. This has in some way contributed to the general ambience of the club. It has a personal, family vibe to it. It births loyal customers dedicated to the fun lifestyle. Their “no-holds-barred” attitude must be another huge attraction.

Celebs and ordinary people alike throng the cosy all-white decorated VIP lounge within the club and their dancing pole has provided quite some entertainment. I liked it the few times I visited. I’m not huge on clubbing, but I’d definitely go again.

I am yet to try their food, but their drink selection is vast and affordable which means you can be sure to keep the drinks coming (that is if you are the drinking sort).

Anyway I’m off combing Lagos today but for now I advise you wear your dancing shoes, fun hat and pay Caliente a visit 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 8.00.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.59.52 PM

Caliente is located at No. 10, Goriola str, off Adeola odeku, VI

Until next time,

Miss Wakadugbe

Abeg I am still waiting for suggestions to locations, if you have any place you have been to and would like it to be featured here then send an email to


Another Saturday, and January is gone. A moment of silence for all the meals that went uneaten, the drinks that made us funny as heck, the moments we wasted indoors instead of out on the streets of Gidi living it up!

Hola mi bebes! Like play like play, 2015 don dey waka pass me. Which of your resolutions have you clung to? As for me sha, I resolved to get out there more, dance into the mornings, feast like a King, laugh like I’m tickled and love like they loved in the times of the Bible, (maybe find an Isaac this year)

To these I have worked hard to be true. I have been eating like a cow… Non-stop! Lord have mercy on my abs (can I get an Amen?!)

In the spirit of throw backs, today’s post is titled “Still On Point” and I’m grooving back to the deliciousness of Yellow Chilli.

I remember the first day I went there after work, to meet with a friend and his friends. They were all about how I am “yellow in yellow chilli” but who cares about a tacky joke when I get to enjoy an amazing bowl of goat meat peppersoup and peppered snails on their tab not mine (abeg no judge me o)

Fast forward a few years and I was on a lunch date with my then “Mr. Oga”. Like the champ that I am, I insisted on introducing him to “Ugba” which is a delicacy I treasure. I knew then that our connection was genuine because he loved it!! Maybe it had something to do with how good the chef was, but I choose to believe it’s because he was linked to my soul (Go ahead, laugh).

After sharing the Ugba, the waiter was all too pleased to bring us our main dishes. I had pounded yam with sea food okra while he had his with afang soup. I spent the evening stealing fish from his soup, but as a correct oga, he could not complain.

Whenever I think of well-prepared “just-like-home” traditional meals, there are just a few places that come to mind with Yellow Chilli topping the list. Other than that, I like their traditional decor and cheerful staff.

But em, if you are hiding from someone whether on the mainland (Ikeja) or on the Island, think well before you go because just like The Palms, Yellow Chilli is a popular alakoba as it is a popular favourite amongst Lagosians.

Yellow Chilli, Victoria Island

Picture Picture1

Yellow Chilli, Ikeja GRA


Yellow Chilli is located at 27, Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island and 35 Joel Oguinaike Street, Ikeja GRA.

You can always check out their menu before hand and I hear they also deliver .


Ogi and moinmoin kisses

Miss Wakadugbe

Ehem-  I am on the hunt for a swanky and amazing Mexican restaurant so if you know of any, you know what to do…


I remember the first time I went to the  Wheatbaker hotel. It was for an official photo shoot and I was distressed because I was too busy to enjoy the serenity of the place and the beauty of their foods.

Fast forward a few years and I was back there for a Dinner. God don butter my bread! I planned the day down to a T, but it’s true what they say “Man proposes, God disposes”. I woke up in the morning ready for work and after doing some salsa moves to “Hotel California” in the shower, I walked to my wardrobe (sexy as you please), and pulled out my designated hot number that could pass off as Work-appropriate, yet show off my curves in a tantalizingly dinner-appropriate way.

You have three guesses as to what happened next.

As I caressed the dress down my curves, feeling like Marilyn Monroe, I reached behind to pull up my zipper and … Snap! The silly thing broke on me!!
The car was waiting for me outside, I had to pick up my colleague at her house, traffic reports was indicating craziness on the roads, and I had an 8am meeting! I sat down and wept for a minute before my phone rang insistently. Looking at the screen, I knew I had no time for the delicious pity party I had begun.
So I jacked up, dragged a pair of jeans from my Jean stack, a chiffon top and a pair of Nine West shoes, for the pain.

All this epistle is just to vent small, because when I finally arrived Wheatbaker lugging the birthday cake I had ordered, I was ribbed endlessly for wearing jeans to a Dinner. Fashion faux pas, but since they kept complimenting my shoes, I felt forgiven.

I forgot the whole thing when I approached the buffet table. Spread of life!!!! I had no idea where to start so I went back to my chair to think when a waiter approached me to offer me a drink. He brought this delicious glass of mixed pineapple and watermelon juice (freshly made). Before I finished my drink, I got inspired and stood up to get some spiced basmati rice and chicken. The chicken… Orgasmic delight!!!!!

It was a battle to keep its bones down, I am serious.

Picture6 Picture5 Picture4 Picture2 Picture

Whoosh!!! This fitfam resolution has to kidnap me or na blow I go blow!!!

Wheatbaker is located at No 4, Onitolo (formerly Lawrence rd), Ikoyi.

It’s a top choice for the expatriate community and those who crave some peace and luxury in the heart of Lagos.

Enjoy while I check my calendar for my next waka.

Love and light…

Miss Wakadugbe


I write about the hot spots in Lagos and this might be considered as either a deviation or a bonus! How una see am?

On my way to share a drink with friends who’d spent all day cycling, I stumbled upon a gem! It’s a bit out-of-the-way but if you live around Ajah, you’re in luck!

Picture an African store in the US then welcome the latest Greengrocers in town- PUMPKINS GREENGROCERS. It was such a delight shopping there (I couldn’t resist!). I set out to have a drink and ended up buying fish, spices, fresh food items and of course

It is quite possible that the amount of stuff I bought is also directly related to the service I received from the owner, a very upbeat and full-of-life older woman who must have lived a significant amount of her years abroad. She kept me engaged as we talked food! Now, y’all know this here lady loves food, ba?

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Look out for the lovely bags they provide for shopping. Unique! I think I got a truly African experience without the noise and mess of going to a market.

If you like, you can say the noise and dirt is what adds to the African Market experience, but as a babe wey no like that kain thing, Pumpkins is it for me…

Picture Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

By the way, incase you are wondering why I am talking about a grocery store today and not a restaurant, just know that, not everyday is parry, eat out and drink, somedays is buy ingredients and cook at home.

I’ll sha bring you gist about the place I went to for the drink next week.

Until then,

Una doh!

Miss Wakadugbe

PUMPKINS is located at Puri Mall, Km 25, Lekki/Epe express way, opposite former LASU, Oko-Ado, Lekki


“New Year , New Me!”
“Fit Fam 2015!”
“Reborn Gym Rat”

How many of you joined me to have these as part of your New year’s resolutions?  Now, how many of you know as I do that all those resolutions are wind and air? For this life??!! Babe must chop up and jollificate!!!

Hahaha. Happy New Year to you!!

I started my year at the Lagos Countdown… Shege!! See show for Africa, I can’t even shout. Only thing that is paining me is that I had absolutely no idea that Johnnie walker had grand plans for New year’s eve as well. Johnnie walked the Ikoyi bridge and going by the video that flooded Instagram, it was quite the sight!

Anywayyyy and anyhoo, the year isn’t waiting in sympathy and to be honest, my tummy and my legs aren’t patient either. So they took me to Elias. Some of you go think say na Bobo I dey talk. Me sef wish somehow say na fine Bobo with better money, but it’s a close second: a restaurant! You already know I like my belly.
And as the nwa afor igbo wey I be, I crave native foods every now and again.

Elias is the perfect blend of native and continental. I must be honest, I go there for their soups! On this beautiful afternoon after work, I literally ran to Elias to grab some ready-made “just-like-home cooking” deliciousness. I ordered and in 15 minutes, I had a steaming hot bowl of soup with stockfish and well pounded yam to ease the pain.

I am a foodie and I love cooking, but a lot of times I like to sample what the competition out there has to offer. I fit decide to open restaurant one day after all. Elias does it for me when it comes to traditional meals. I’d recommend them every day: eager-to-please staff, lovely decor, nice music, ah-mazing food… What’s not to love?

As we go on our waka binge this 2015, let’s remember to keep it classy, keep it turnt, keep it coming and keep it the Gidi way..

Picture Picture1

Elias is located on Idejo street, off Adeola odeku, VI.

Fairy dust and unicorn kisses,

Mizz Wakadugbe

END OF 2014…

Happy holidays!!!!

So much going down in Gidi, I’m dizzy from all the excitement.
I’m not going to go gung-ho on you guys today. I’m opening the floor to you Single in Gidi people. What’s hot in your area? Where are we doing all the drinking and chopping?
How did you spend Christmas? I spent mine cooking for Africa and its twin brother, but as I hear, my wife material level don increase to 50yards.

While I wait for your replies, I’ll go see the much acclaimed “30 days in Atlanta”. Apparently, it’s the movie to see. Hit me up if that is in your schedule today as well. We can make a party of it, then discuss attending the Lagos Countdown on the 31st.
I know I said I’m leaving the floor to you today, but The Lagos Countdown though… It’s so exciting that I have to say a line, or two!

“I cannot wait for the biggest concert of the year, but most especially for the most spectacular way to usher in the new year!!
Next time you’ll read from me is in 2015. I’ll make it worth your While. God bless us all.



Miss Wakadugbe


“So good, it’s a sin…”

Allow me to introduce you to Mela Rossa, the new temptress located in the heart of Ikoyi. Don’t quote me, but I bet you that name was chosen very carefully. Mela Rossa meaning the Red Apple is the temptation that has landed the city of Lagos, and I do believe it is here to stay.

Mela Rossa is a new spot that just opened up on Awolowo road, Ikoyi. (I know everything seems to be on the Island but wetin we go do na)

My game has been slacking though, and I need to pick it up. I was chattering nonstop on the phone and did not even get to take pictures of my food. Chai, God help me oh.

I bet even if I wasn’t on the phone doing amebo, I still might have forgotten because the food was incredibly good! I need to go give the chef a big hug!


The wait staff continually smiled at me so much so that I started to feel like a fine girl, but then they smiled at other customers too so I guess I’ll make do with my imaginary belief that it’s because I be fine gal.

Pretty decent establishment, I’d go again and again. This time, I’d do you long-throat with the food porn pictures I will put up until you vex and put your own.
Budget wise, Mela Rossa is quite friendly to your pocket so maybe you should consider it as a place to take that your new ‘catch’ to…(i’m just saying)
Mela Rossa is located at No 57, Awolowo road, Ikoyi.
Until next time, have a fabulous holiday and for those of you travelling, remember to stay safe
Miss Wakadugbe

P.S. I am still waiting for recommendations from all of y’all. Is there someplace you’d like me to visit? An upcoming event I do not know about? Holla at your girl….let’s make 2015 different