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S.I.G.MATCH is a personalized matchmaking service for single professionals aged 30 years and above. We are not a hookup service. We are here to help real people who want real relationships.

Our team comprises of certified matchmakers who love happy endings and have over fifteen years of matchmaking single professionals across the globe. It all begins with getting to know you and coaching you from start to finish.

What makes us different?

We create dating experiences personalized just for you

As our client, we have vested interest in your success story so we will coach you through the process, from hand-selecting possible matches to organizing date itineraries, it is our job to ensure that you find your happily ever after.

We understand the need for privacy. There are no online dating profiles for the world to see.

We believe the first step to finding your perfect match is to first find the perfect you. We offer an initial counseling session where you get to know yourself better.

Interested? Then first tell us about yourself…


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