END OF 2014…

Happy holidays!!!!

So much going down in Gidi, I’m dizzy from all the excitement.
I’m not going to go gung-ho on you guys today. I’m opening the floor to you Single in Gidi people. What’s hot in your area? Where are we doing all the drinking and chopping?
How did you spend Christmas? I spent mine cooking for Africa and its twin brother, but as I hear, my wife material level don increase to 50yards.

While I wait for your replies, I’ll go see the much acclaimed “30 days in Atlanta”. Apparently, it’s the movie to see. Hit me up if that is in your schedule today as well. We can make a party of it, then discuss attending the Lagos Countdown on the 31st.
I know I said I’m leaving the floor to you today, but The Lagos Countdown though… It’s so exciting that I have to say a line, or two!

“I cannot wait for the biggest concert of the year, but most especially for the most spectacular way to usher in the new year!!
Next time you’ll read from me is in 2015. I’ll make it worth your While. God bless us all.



Miss Wakadugbe