The Office Crush

I have an office crush

No I don’t have a crush on someone in my office but I have someone who has a crush on me, actually make that 2 people but that’s not the point. The point is, as an advocate of #teamnoofficeromance , having to deal with such things could be very interesting especially in a society like ours where single ladies are expected to accept the advances of any eligible bachelor.

I know office crushes are quite common and if you’re single and your ‘crushee or crusher’ is as well, then you have almost nothing to worry about right? WRONG! Thing is, it could easily turn into something serious or a disaster. Sometimes these crushes get so bad that one of the parties involved would have to leave the company out of possible embarrassment or humiliation; that’s just too much drama to be honest and ain’t nobody gat time for that. Anyway, so I have an office crush, however, the problem is this crush is unwanted and I have no clue how to deal with it.

The other day, a colleague walked up to me and said ‘Ah Miss Gidi, you know Bode likes you right? That’s why he keeps coming around the office?’ I replied with a surprised face like I never noticed the constant visits, numerous compliments and the occasional ‘accidental’ phone calls on the office line. It is pretty clear that Bode has the hots for me but somehow in the middle of his persistence (because Lagos men do not take no for an answer) he fails to realise that I do not want anything personal to do with him.

What irritates me the most is the constant comments from other colleagues; comments such as, ‘Miss Gidi, Bode came by’, ‘Aren’t you Bode’s wife?’, ‘Aww see how he is just smiling because you said hello’, ‘But he’s a very nice guy o, just give him a chance’ and my favourite ‘Bode just told me he likes you, no dull o, so you can collect ring this year’ A constant reminder that due to my marital status of being single I am to jump for joy and accept the proposal from someone I do not like.

That being said, I have tried a few tricks I found on google to get rid of this unwanted office crush. My major issue has been trying to get the point across without hurting his feelings especially since there’s a high chance of seeing him every now and then. I’ve ignored his compliments hoping it would work (of course it didn’t) and recently, I passively yet intentionally mentioned the package delivered to my office was from a ‘boyfriend’ (that didn’t work either).

I don’t want to be mean, I am really trying not to be mean but how do you get rid of an unwanted office crush or unwanted crush in general?

As for Bode, I finally gave him a moment of my time on one of those slow days at work. I watched as he tried to put his thoughts together and suggest different things we could do together like clubbing or watching a football game (-_-) . At some point I found his comportment (or lack of) cute, until I started talking about intellectual blogs I follow and books I’ve read; I recognised the blank look on his face as I spoke, he knew nothing about the kind of things I spoke about, he didn’t even know who Chimamanda Adichie was.

Needless to say, I’ve gone back to ignoring him #missgidishrug