Are we outnumbered?

On Monday, there was news all over the web about the experience of Miss Kemi Adetiba, a popular music video director, on her experience in a certain restaurant called Spice Route, located in the ever bubbling Victoria Island. The story is that Kemi was not allowed to go in without a male ‘escort’ because she happens to be single and in the eyes of management could also be a ‘prostitute’. Eventually she went in and like most millennials she turned to social media to rant about her disgust on the unfair treatment she got at this restaurant.

When I read about her story, a part of me was upset and somewhat irritated because it implied that every single woman in Lagos (including yours truly) could be mistaken for a runs chic (a.k.a escort, prostitute, cheap hoe e.t.c). I have been to Spice Route a few times but never had to experience this unfair treatment, well maybe because 2 of those times were for early dinners and the third was for an overpriced event but I have heard of lots of places (especially restaurants in hotels) in Lagos that do not allow single women to come in after a certain time for fear that they would be entertaining women of ‘easy virtue’.

On the other hand, I tried to imagine what I would do if I owned a restaurant in Lagos. To be honest, the number of ‘runs chics’ has increased exponentially, I mean who can tell these days? We all wear the same clothes, same weave and in some cases live in the same neighbourhoods. The only difference is that some of these runs chics are ‘free spirited and occasionally hang out at odd times, I say some because others are masked under ‘proper jobs’.

If you are a novice in Lagos, you probably wouldn’t notice this but those of us who live here can tell a mile away when a runs chic is in the area. So what’s a restaurant owner supposed to do to avoid having these kind of women coming into their restaurant and not lose their reputation as a classy spot in Lagos? Please do not get me wrong, I am in no way trying to justify the actions of the management of Spice Route or supporting gender discrimination but instead of knocking them down for their failed attempt maybe a coalition of decent single women living in Lagos can offer them a logical solution.

I remember when a friend called me ranting about her first encounter with a nosy neighbour, my friend had just moved into the penthouse of their building and was taking out time to know her neighbours (a very oyibo thing to do by the way). Anyway, Madam Nosy not caring about where my friend worked or what she did for a living, simply asked ‘Who is the man that paid for this place?‘, a subtle way of saying ‘Who is your sugar daddy?’ .

Of course we both laughed at her experience but with restaurants banning the entry of single women after a certain time, one can only wonder if the ‘decent’ single ladies who do not have to offer their bodies for any source of income are being outnumbered by runs chics.

This is actually disturbing or maybe we all just need to invest in false rings when we want to hang out after a certain time…I don’t know really, what do you think?