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Happy new year Family!!! Yes it’s me again, Imarose and I know I have been MIA for a bit but don’t worry, it’s a new year and I will attempt to be better.

Have you ever been to a single-and-mingle event in Lagos? I have and I can tell you Lagos is full of some many single women, while every guy in Lagos is single; married-single and in-relationships-single, all men in Lagos always claim singleton. So much so that, Iranian, South African, Zimbabwean, Moroccans and Kenyans women full Lagos this festive season, all of them booked that hotel that has now turned runs-girls hostel Raddison Blue looking for these single men.

The other day, this Zimbabwean chick I went to school with came all the way from New York to mingle on account of, “God told her she will marry a wealthy Nigerian and because she happens to know the wealthiest woman in Africa, she brought herself here to try to mingle with one of her single sons or their cousins” *takes a deep breath*

The funny thing was we all hung out and her mark paid her no attention while her friend this other SA chick engaged to a Lagos boy was getting upset because her boo was too engrossed in a conversation with me about the declining Nigerian economy even though we just met. In my head I was like, see these foreigners o, we Lagosians never find our own husband finish and you are just going to come and in 10 days pick up yours from the streets of Lagos, just like that…wonders shall never cease

Back to the matter, jare…..

Most people who are dating are looking for the ideal partner, but why are so many of them having such a hard time in a city full of “single” people? That’s easy to answer. It’s because finding the ideal partner requires selective dating which a lot of people do not practice.

Selective dating is about identifying the type of person you date. It doesn’t mean being picky, it means not compromising on the things that are important to you, it means not compromising on your values and it especially means not compromising on your self-worth. Sounds easy enough, right? Not so much. Sometimes, single women will let important things slide and settle for the sake of having someone around or whiling away time while trying to keep that option open. If you are like me, seeing someone and keep options open is nearly impossible.

Today, after seven months trial of this experiment that yielded a positive result for me, I am here to say if you are really serious about finding love, be selective about who you date … here’s why;

So what ARE the best traits to look for in a partner? Well, luckily someone has done the thinking for us. I was reading an article from Samantha Joel that stressed the importance of responsiveness in a relationship. What does that mean? Well, the author defined it as “someone who makes you feel understood, validated, and cared for ” because “it’s easier to work out relationship issues, big and small, with a partner who’s more responsive rather than less“.

She goes on to characterize a responsive partner with three important traits: Understanding, Validating, and Caring. Understanding partners are partners understand that feelings are not right or wrong, they are just feelings and everyone has a right to theirs. They also Validate your point of view by making you feel respected and important to them (even when they don’t agree with you).

Lastly, a responsive partner is Caring – they are concerned for your well-being, communicate with you and express affection. These traits ultimately are what keep relationships going in the longer term. Remember Mr October? I kept waiting for him to change, disappoint me, disappear or minimize contact, yet it keeps getting strong, I can’t chase Mr October away, so I have committed it into God’s hands. Recently, we had our first fight and he was still caring and considerate of my crazy-ass even though his stubborn behind didn’t agree with me and I was like finally, so this is what this should feel like

They also ensure that you will always resolve disagreements with ease and no fear of staying in your feelings and feeling the heck out of them even when they don’t make sense. .

What does that have to do with dating? Miss Gidi just got married ask her! I feel happily ever after and forever has everything to do with your choice in partner. When you choose right, you typically end up in a better place. That’s true for everything in your life. It’s all about quality. Problem is that we’re too anxious and in a hurry to end the singleton disease, hence, we lose sight of the true end goal; happiness.

We tend to forget what really makes us happy. What’s the solution? You need to practice selective dating which means:

  • being happily single
  • enjoying the process and forgetting the outcome
  • being aware of red flags
  • listening to your gut instincts about someone
  • being true to you

So there you have it. Something to think about this new year.

Everyone deserves an ideal partner.





Guys I apologise for being consistently inconsistent these days, truth is, I am working on a lot of things even while on vacation, it almost feels like I am biting more than I can chew but when one is a budding policy-maker, one is everyone’s go-to house-girl for policy/research related issues, most of the time, for free, but in Nigeria, we call it “sowing seeds for your future”. Not even going to lie, Ima is really enjoying this her time away from a 9-5, vacation where she no run go ‘the abroad’ to spend money, I still wake up to my alarm clock, roll over and continue sleeping or go and exercise if I had enough sleep. I cook, a lot these days, until you have had my unripe plantain porridge, you haven’t had a good one, yes I am actually boasting!

It’s funny how my friends are more worried about my single status than I am, sometimes I actually forget that I am no longer a spring-chicken. You know they say ‘Gemini’ are externally kids and in my case, that won’t be a lie, I mean one is the big 3.0 next year, and still sulks when a date rain checks on one. I just learnt what rain check meant two days ago, lol! I am proud of myself.

Recently, our very own Miss Gidi, played a fast one on me with an arrangee that took me a while to figure out for what it was. It was very pleasant, sweet and pleasing to the eyes and I am still blushing from it, that’s all y’all need to know, lol!…in her defence, I harassed her into introducing me to someone since she is too busy with wedding planning.

On another note, I have this friend (we’ll call her Spice) that’s  been trying to hook me up with her boyfriend’s friend for a while now. I declined the offer, and months ago she said, she was too concerned for me and that her boyfriend who proposed without a ring, had said once they get married she would not hang around single ladies again. In my sarcastic manner, I told her my lawyers would contact be in touch soon to process our no-hard-feelings-unfriendship.

So in order to avoid this unfriendship, she decided it was time to urge me on to consider her bae’s friend. According to her, he was every inch a potential husband and he was actively looking for a wife not dating around. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and but she kept insisting, so I told her the light version of why not her bae’s friend which is ‘we just don’t click, maybe it’s me’, but here’s the raw version.

Usually, I am very weary of who wants to hook me up especially when your relationship is not working, no thanks! Any man who behaves like Spice’s boyfriend will not have the kind of man I like as friends, birds of a feather flock together, true story.

Spice’s boyfriend will be out with Spice and some random chick will walk up to him and say, you never called me back and he won’t remember how and where he met her, but he will tell Spice, she must be some chick he has had sex with, he managed to convince her that he loves her, but his nature is a more prevalent force he cannot control, to Spice, love doesn’t negate cheating. Spice is the kind of girl that goes to her boyfriend’s house with her own pillow, sheets, and duvet cover, because she doesn’t want to sleep on sex sweat from side-pieces. Spice said, a man sleeping with random chics is nothing to worry about, but when it is a particular girl, there is reason to pray and fast against strange women.  Don’t ask me mbok, I don’t understand it too, but how about respect? I wish a n*** would, rubbish!

Fast and pray ko, my mates are finding solutions to their immediate world’s problem, I should pray and fast for a man not to leave me for another? Abasi akan (God forbid). God doesn’t answer those kinds of prayers; God is too busy to focus on manipulation.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I am talking to my oyinbo friend who called me for some girl talk on something she was going through in her marriage. As my therapy session, I mean, girl-chat ended, Spice broke down crying, saying, her bae, the same one who proposed without a ring, keeps breaking up with her, saying, he doesn’t think he is good enough for her, how she deserves better, and could do way better than him. Dude even said he fears, he might run away and leave her one day should they go ahead with the marriage that has no plan, details or anything fixed.

I wasn’t surprised, in my mind, I was like any man who proposes without a ring, is as unserious as unserious can be, maybe it was in the heat of some mind-blowing sex, because why else will a man propose without ring?

As I probed further to find out why she didn’t ask for a ring or want to know when this wedding shall be, Spice, wailed. And then said, he said he didn’t want to draw attention until he had saved up enough money to give her a befitting ring and grand dream wedding ceremony.

Worse load of ish I have heard in my entire life. What is a dream wedding, sef? My own dream wedding is 50 close friends and family at the court, dinner for 100 later followed by thanksgiving in church, and then we can honeymoon for 4 weeks and have amazing sex in some exotic locations around the world, what could be better than that?. Spending excessively on a lavished ceremony is waste of resources…Miss Gidi wait oh! we still plan to turn up for yours so don’t cut down, DJ Xclusive maybe?

So Spice ended the conversation with, ‘he benefits more from this relationship than I do from him’, when I pressed further, it turned out that she bought him a piece of land,  paid for the survey and planning, and apparently, this was the same time, the deadbeat pulled the ring-less spur of the moment engagement stunt…shebi I talk am…there had to be some motivation for that nonsense.

Now she’s back at square one, crying a river, if I talk now, they will say I don’t understand because I don’t have a man so this time I have absolutely nothing to say

But my fellow single ladies, if a man lives in Egbeda and you love him, live there with him until he is able to come up with an upgrade, only ever, contribute or plan with a man who is your husband, not a boyfriend, not even fiance mbok. Some men are wired to derive joy and ego from being heads and leaders, if you buy land for a man, he will take it as he should and build a life with a woman who accepts his present state in life and allows him to be a man.

If a man wants to be with you, no ex, side babes, friends with benefits, friends having hope, can keep him away, if he doesn’t, there is nothing you can do to keep him…not even 10 plots in Banana Island

I rest my case


CAN YOU BE SINGLE AND HAPPY? – Discovery with Glory

I absolutely love Glory Edozien, she’s one of the realest and coolest people I know. The topic of being Single and Happy is one that is often discussed especially for single women in the Nigerian society. In describing her latest vlog, Glory said

Single and happy? Isn’t that an oxymoron? The rush to the altar is real, happiness is tied to saying I do and those who haven’t said the sacred vows are banished to the land of misery until the knight in shinning armour turns up and gives us the kiss of life that is marriage….

Marriage is a wonderful thing and is definitely on my prayer list, amongst other things, however there is much to be said for living in the now. As a woman who is currently single, I have learnt the importance of loving and enjoying every part of my life, even as I wait for the things I don’t have now. I have learnt to be secure in the knowledge of my future and to stop second guessing and plotting to arrive at a certain destination.

In this video, Glory shares her personal insights on being happy while single, something every single person either male or female, needs to know

Did she leave something out? or do you disagree with some of the points made? Don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube Channel for more inspiring videos


There are few things in this world more enlightening than being in the midst of a group of women as they chat; even more so a group of Nigerian women when they gist. Often times as a man, you need to be of serious constitution to sit there and “chop yabs” on behalf of Nigerian men. On one particular occasion I was in such a situation and I was listening to ‘war stories’ from the battlefield of dating which made me laugh, but also prompted me to come up with a list of “dating don’t’s” for guys.Before I continue, let me just quickly caveat that in reading these, assume that my target audience is at least a middle class Nigerian who presumably has a job and can afford or has access to a car. We cool? Cheers, now I shall proceed.

There are very, very few acceptable excuses for not having credit (airtime)

I’m not talking of a one-off situation where you unexpectedly run out of credit or you forget to top up, those happen to everyone. Sometimes you’re having such a good conversation that you don’t know it’s been almost an hour. Or perhaps you made an international call but you didn’t realise how expensive it would be. But if there is a habitual pattern of never having credit or you keep asking the girl you’re toasting to call you or you’re not resourceful enough to find another phone, then there’s a problem. It can’t be a case of “I really want to chat tonight, but you have to call me”. If you want something then you go and get it done! There’s also an element of responsibility in this sort of situation if you think about it. If there’s ever an emergency, for you or someone else, you never want to be hamstrung because you didn’t have credit. It’s just not acceptable these days. Even if you’re a man of moderate means, there isn’t any good reason to habitually be out of credit.

Having Credit (airtime)

As a man of moderate means myself, I know just as well as the next guy how difficult it is to get any car, not to even talk of your ideal car or a car you wouldn’t feel ashamed driving. We all want to drive that nice SUV or saloon car that makes the ladies swoon and the other guys nod with respect, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way! Having said that, if you’re a man who considers himself resourceful there are ways to sort yourself out, i.e. get a second-hand car. If at some particular point you don’t have the funds to get a second-hand car and at that point you come across a lovely lady that you want to toast, then do the honourable thing and borrow your friend’s car! Lot’s of guys do it and there really is no shame in it because life is tough like that sometimes. Better to have to explain why you had to borrow a car rather than have her pick you up; she’ll understand eventually. From what I understand about women, she will care more that you at least tried to make a good impression that say “yeah I’d love to really take you out but you have to come get me”. It completely defeats the whole purpose of a date. If you can’t organise your friend’s car, then organise car hire. This might all seem like a lot, but again, if you like a girl enough you will do the needful! Not sure how many people I speak for when I say this, but if I didn’t have a car or access to one, then I would simply not ask the girl out until I could sort that out.

Confucius say “A beat up car is better than none”

Being able to drive?!Then again, having a car or not might not even matter if you don’t know how to drive. Well, there could be some good excuses for this, to me anyway, but certainly not to that girl who you’ve been scoping for the past few weeks! You might even have a car and a driver who can take you everywhere, but what happens on the day when the driver is off? Or perhaps when you guys go out for a late night drink and then you have to release the driver? Who is going to drive her home? It’s possible that you didn’t ever have to learn or you don’t trust yourself driving in Nigeria, but then all these things are linked to women feeling safe and secure. I watched a video online about mistakes nice guys make and in the video the lady that was being interviewed mentioned the need for women to feel protected. Similar to a man who doesn’t know how to put together shelves or can’t change a light bulb if needed, she will write you off as not being ‘man enough’. Then again we men probably do the same thing to women who can’t cook and so I suppose it sort of evens out in that respect.

There are a lot of other do’s and don’ts but these were some that came to mind that I felt would be important to highlight, especially for the beginning stages of dating.

Mr Sims is bacckkk!!! well if you’ve followed SIG for a while you’d know that Mr Sims is a good friend of the family. Be sure to visit his blog for more fantastic posts. 

And if you would like your experience/story featured on SIG or if you have some fantastic dating tips, simply send an email to 
Till next time 


“Are you not a single mother? Should you not be even flattered that I’m asking you to marry me even despite this your burden?”

Had I known being a single mother would require me to deal with so many idiots I may have made different choices.

A little introduction to me, I’m Imoteda, 29 years old and as I’m hoping you’ve realized, a single mother. To be honest being a single mother isn’t as bad as television makes it seem. I lucked out. I have an incredibly supportive family who have been there since Day 1; my mother was beside me while I was in labour and having the baby (she even filmed the whole thing). My brother was there for three years helping me babysit when I needed it. My dad supported us financially when I needed it and still gives us little ‘gifts’ that seem to show up conveniently when I’m struggling.

So yea, all in all, being a single parent isn’t all struggle and food stamps and baby daddy drama. My story isn’t every single mother’s story obviously but for me generally after doing this for 8 years; I can confidently say I have a handle on it.

My daughter and I know each other, some days are more difficult than others and sometimes I wonder what life would be if I had done things differently. But all in all life is good, my daughter is amazing, my family is dope and I am happy. So what’s the hardest part of being a single parent??

Men… and their random asinine assumptions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not ALL MEN and some men are perfectly sensible and I’ve been lucky enough to date one or two normal men but the number of ridiculous statements I have heard from men just makes me want to move to Mars.

Statements like,  “Are you not a single mother? Should you not be even flattered that I’m asking you to marry me even despite this your burden?”

This statement came from a man I JUST MET. Bro, I met you two weeks ago, we’ve spoken twice because you got my phone number by accident (I was giving his friend for business o). You called me then showed up and said “You would make a very good wife. I think we should get married.” Now you’re upset because I said “No thanks I’m working.”

Pele o! Uncle ‘Save-A-Single-Mother’. I didn’t mean to offend your sensibilities. Yes, I understand the huge favour you’re doing me. As a (semi) successful business woman and chef who has managed for over 8 years to raise a beautiful well-mannered, intelligent child I am extremely flattered that you (excuse me what do you do for a living again?) a man clearly in his late 30s or early 40s, never married, barely holding on to the English language, no clear lines of incomes or family ties, are proposing to me. No really I am so very very very very VERY flattered.

ARGH! I can’t deal.

So for the rest of you normal people who may or may not have stereotypes on single mothers, I’m gonna give you three things you should know about us:

  1. We are not all desperate – Forget all the stories you’ve heard about mothers abandoning their kids to be with mediocre men. That is not the norm. Most of us have been through the wringer and if we’re still standing it’s because we are strong. It takes a lot to walk with your head up as a single mum and I haven’t been through all that to fall at the feet of some weak man. You need to be exceptional to walk beside me on my journey.
  2. We actually love our kids – And that love means we are extremely selective about the people we allow around our kids. The screening process is serious. You will never be anything more than a random uncle to my kid. Just ask my daughter. As far as she knows mummy hasn’t had a boyfriend in 5 years and that’s okay by me.
  3. We DON’T OWE YOU! – You want to know what happened between me and my baby daddy; you want to know if I get child support; you want to know if I was loose as a young’un; you want to know if I have regrets; you want to know how much my child costs; you want to know if I date.
    Listen I understand your curiosity, single parent homes are at an all time high but somehow it’s like I’m the only single mom you’ve met and that’s cool. But understand that I don’t owe you an explanation for my life or my past decisions mm’kay? If I decide to share that’s cool but if I choose not to ,you do not have the right to get offended.

Now that you know these three points, I command you to go out into the world with them in your head, doing good with less ignorant statements and gentlemen, the next time you have a conversation with a single mother, remember you have to work twice as hard to get her attention!

On that note, I’m off to have a dance party with my offspring.

Au revoir!

We LOVE to hear your stories so if you would like to share your experience of being single like Imoteda or Ginika, simply send an email to


It’s been a while since we did a Dear Miss Gidi post but this just came as a comment in ImaRose’s last post, so I thought hey why not?

dear miss gidi

Hi Miss Gidi,

Pls I need ur advice. I started dating my boyfriend few months back and my dear it’s been boring. He calls everyday but that’s it. No going out, no visiting at his place or mine. We’ve never been on a date together, nothing nothing. It’s been like 2 months and I have only visited him 3 times first was the very first time I went to know his place, second was a regular visit and third was when he was sick and I went to visit him.

My dear it’s been boring. So I decided to make an effort. I called him and asked if I could come visit the next day, he said ok that when he comes back from church he would call me to start coming over. Miss Gidi I waited and waited and waited but I didn’t see any call. I was MAD, I was FURIOUS. He called the next day but I didn’t answer. He then sent me a whatsapp message saying: “I’m sorry for not calling you on sunday if that’s what is making you angry, something came up”

Can you imagine the rage I felt? Is that how to apologise for standing me up? For making the relationship boring? I’ve been in previous relationships and I know for sure that the first few months are the “honeymoon” phase but this is just freaking boring. He sent another message saying “incase you don’t hear from me again, I’m sorry”.

Pls dear, am I overreacting? He hasn’t called since then, and I’m just so angry and sad. Please what should I do?



Hi Valentina, 

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I totally feel your pain. It can be annoying when you are the one putting in the effort and the person in question is playing obvious games with you.

I mean someone who really wants to be with you would do more but I am sure you already know that because as you say, you have been in relationships in the past.

So my dear, in conclusion, lose his number. 

The end




I’m quite excited to be bringing this news to you. We at SIG, have been working on a few things behind the scenes and this is one of them.

First of all I (Miss Gidi) would like to thank everyone that has been following the blog, since inception or even if you’ve just been part of the SIG family for a few hours, you are instrumental to the success of this blog.

Sometime late last year, Gbagyichild Entertainment reached out to me to take some of our posts from ‘page to stage’ and I happily obliged.

So this June! Single in Gidi, comes alive on stage by Gbagyichild Entertainment with some of our favourite posts.

It is Directed by the Kenneth Uphopho, the amazing director of Saro the Musical and features talented actors like

Omoye Uzamere


Leelee Byoma
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Austine Onuoha


Timi Charles-Fadipe

And also have guitar strings of Tosin Oguntayo.

You do not want to miss this amazingness every Sunday in June. 3:00pm & 6:00pm. The SIG will definitely be there so for those of you that have been asking me how to meet Imarose weeelllll maybe just maybe I will be nice enough to introduce you to her :p

Tickets prices are Regular – N3, 000 and VIP – N5, 000

The command performance is on Sunday the 28th of June and tickets are N5,000 flat.

Because I love you guys, I am going to give out 3 regular tickets for  3 random people who do the following:

  1. Must be a Lagos resident (sorry non-Lagosians) OR will be in Lagos sometime in the first 3 weeks of June
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    (You can do one or all of them if you like)
  3. Leave a comment below 🙂
  4. That’s all!

So let’s do this, and see you at Terra Kulture




Are you a SINGLE professional between the ages of 28 to 40? Do you have a demanding work schedule, can’t seem to find the time to meet new people and when you do get the time, you can’t find professionals like yourself looking to expand their social circle?

ProConnect 1.0

Well, this June, Single in Gidi and Mona Bellucci Event Managers are giving you that opportunity to meet upwardly mobile professionals like yourself with an event tagged ProConnect.

ProConnect is a bi-annual networking event for single professionals in metropolitan cities such as Lagos. It will feature an interactive session, an art exhibition by Olatoxic, a two course meal and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks all for 10,000 Naira only.

The maiden edition of ProConnect will be taking place on the 5th of June, at Spice Route, Victoria Island, Lagos. There are only 70 slots available (35 of each gender) and potential participants will be screened to ensure that information received are indeed genuine.

For further enquiries, simply RegisterEmail us or follow us on twitter; we would love to answer any questions you may have.


The ProConnect Team


Before I begin, I would like to welcome you to my column on SIG blog, the SIG team put out an ad on Facebook for additional writers and so here I am, ready to share my story to the world,  hopefully this won’t out me in trouble but who cares..

Just over six months ago I was propelled back into the dating scene after I finally put a stop to a “situationship” I allowed to carry on for too long. I can finally say I am single without that thought in my mind of “what if” he really isn’t as bad. Yes I am almost 29 and I am single.  Yikes!  Never thought at 29 I would have ended up single again.  You know how when you are younger you have this laid out plan of getting married at 24, having all your kids before 30, and how 30 was such an old age? Well I’m literally a year and 7 months away from that scary age 30, and suddenly I don’t feel as old as I anticipated. It’s called life and it has a way of making you know that you can plan all you won’t but life happens, right?

I have been told I am an unusual beauty, could pass for attractive and sexy and “don’t look my age”, I am well-educated and somewhat don’t need a sponsor; a classic word for sugar-daddy, as I can pay my own bills and save for that handbag if I really want it, in simple English; financially independent … so finding a datable man in Lagos should be easy, right? Welllll……not quite

I quickly learned that being single in a Nigerian big city in your late 20s’ was a totally different ball game (no pun intended, well maybe just a little).  You’re not quite a “cougar” but society labels you as ‘desperate’ who should accept anything who looks like a man with two legs and a pair of hands! Well then, let’s look at what is typically available to us single girls in our late 20s:

  • The Superficial – for example players only wanting friends with ‘benefits’ and those who think they are too hot to date any lady over 25
  • The Rejects – these are the remaining ones no one wants i.e. weird, unemployed, unattractive, creepy
  • The Hurting – Hurt and bitter men still hung on the ex
  • The Baby Daddy – with a whole lot of baby mama drama
  • The Toy-boys – Men in their early 20’s who could adore you, (not a bad idea if you are looking for a temp)
  • Adonis in their-mind-type- men who stare at you and wait for you to make the first move so that they have the advantage (wait that’s most guys in Lagos these days right!)

So here I am single, happy and very much into the idea of true love, marriage and the whole nine-yards. Meaning the adventure in this meat market called dating in a big city continues.

On this column I will be exploring my dating adventures as well as other people’s, past and present and the lessons I have had to learn along the way, as we learn together.  I welcome your input and stories! C’mon lets figure this finding “the one” thing together, the journey is more valuable when sharing, learning, and disagreeing on love myths and dating theories together!

Looking forward to sharing and learning together with you 🙂