Something new, Something Old

Something smooth like… Velvett!

There’s always something happening in this Gidi of ours. Never a dull moment in this city where everybody be “shine-shine Bobo”.

I was so tempted to bring you a double dose of awesome but in my magnanimous nature, I decided not to overwhelm you. Recommended doses at a time.

I have not been feeling too well lately and after work today, I was dragging my feet about going for a friend’s birthday party somewhere in Lekki. Then came the traffic to rescue me! Lagos traffic has its use after all. Lol.
Yeye me thought I had a home run till my egbon kidnapped me in her car. And off to the re-opening of the not-so-New, yet-so-New lounge called Velvett.

I must confess, I was glad I went. How else would I have ogled TuBaba all night long. Who cared if the Mrs was there? We are talking eye-candy here, don’t blame a sister.

It was a night of serious dancing and crazy fun. Oh yeah, OritseFemi was there. Look at me, I’ve become a serious las Gidi big girl, I drop names like its hot .

So Velvett… Previously known as picolo mondo, has once again stamped its name in LaS GiDi night life scene. Lagos and New York are the concrete jungles where dreams are made or broken, Velvett has with its rebranding, given another similarity with new York. If you’ve always wanted to know how the New York night life feels, visit Velvett. Care-free, delirious fun in a city that never sleeps!

Service is just as good as it always was, decor is just what you want a club to look like. The people do not put on insane airs that make you want to choke. I love it!

I wish I could say even more, but I guess I have to write about Velvett at another time when I can digest the experience without the full crowd. Hopefully they keep their salsa nights open.


Love and light,

Mizz Wakadugbe

Velvett is situated on Idejo street, off Adeola Odeku,