“New Year , New Me!”
“Fit Fam 2015!”
“Reborn Gym Rat”

How many of you joined me to have these as part of your New year’s resolutions?  Now, how many of you know as I do that all those resolutions are wind and air? For this life??!! Babe must chop up and jollificate!!!

Hahaha. Happy New Year to you!!

I started my year at the Lagos Countdown… Shege!! See show for Africa, I can’t even shout. Only thing that is paining me is that I had absolutely no idea that Johnnie walker had grand plans for New year’s eve as well. Johnnie walked the Ikoyi bridge and going by the video that flooded Instagram, it was quite the sight!

Anywayyyy and anyhoo, the year isn’t waiting in sympathy and to be honest, my tummy and my legs aren’t patient either. So they took me to Elias. Some of you go think say na Bobo I dey talk. Me sef wish somehow say na fine Bobo with better money, but it’s a close second: a restaurant! You already know I like my belly.
And as the nwa afor igbo wey I be, I crave native foods every now and again.

Elias is the perfect blend of native and continental. I must be honest, I go there for their soups! On this beautiful afternoon after work, I literally ran to Elias to grab some ready-made “just-like-home cooking” deliciousness. I ordered and in 15 minutes, I had a steaming hot bowl of soup with stockfish and well pounded yam to ease the pain.

I am a foodie and I love cooking, but a lot of times I like to sample what the competition out there has to offer. I fit decide to open restaurant one day after all. Elias does it for me when it comes to traditional meals. I’d recommend them every day: eager-to-please staff, lovely decor, nice music, ah-mazing food… What’s not to love?

As we go on our waka binge this 2015, let’s remember to keep it classy, keep it turnt, keep it coming and keep it the Gidi way..

Picture Picture1

Elias is located on Idejo street, off Adeola odeku, VI.

Fairy dust and unicorn kisses,

Mizz Wakadugbe


“So good, it’s a sin…”

Allow me to introduce you to Mela Rossa, the new temptress located in the heart of Ikoyi. Don’t quote me, but I bet you that name was chosen very carefully. Mela Rossa meaning the Red Apple is the temptation that has landed the city of Lagos, and I do believe it is here to stay.

Mela Rossa is a new spot that just opened up on Awolowo road, Ikoyi. (I know everything seems to be on the Island but wetin we go do na)

My game has been slacking though, and I need to pick it up. I was chattering nonstop on the phone and did not even get to take pictures of my food. Chai, God help me oh.

I bet even if I wasn’t on the phone doing amebo, I still might have forgotten because the food was incredibly good! I need to go give the chef a big hug!


The wait staff continually smiled at me so much so that I started to feel like a fine girl, but then they smiled at other customers too so I guess I’ll make do with my imaginary belief that it’s because I be fine gal.

Pretty decent establishment, I’d go again and again. This time, I’d do you long-throat with the food porn pictures I will put up until you vex and put your own.
Budget wise, Mela Rossa is quite friendly to your pocket so maybe you should consider it as a place to take that your new ‘catch’ to…(i’m just saying)
Mela Rossa is located at No 57, Awolowo road, Ikoyi.
Until next time, have a fabulous holiday and for those of you travelling, remember to stay safe
Miss Wakadugbe

P.S. I am still waiting for recommendations from all of y’all. Is there someplace you’d like me to visit? An upcoming event I do not know about? Holla at your girl….let’s make 2015 different


Something new, Something Old

Something smooth like… Velvett!

There’s always something happening in this Gidi of ours. Never a dull moment in this city where everybody be “shine-shine Bobo”.

I was so tempted to bring you a double dose of awesome but in my magnanimous nature, I decided not to overwhelm you. Recommended doses at a time.

I have not been feeling too well lately and after work today, I was dragging my feet about going for a friend’s birthday party somewhere in Lekki. Then came the traffic to rescue me! Lagos traffic has its use after all. Lol.
Yeye me thought I had a home run till my egbon kidnapped me in her car. And off to the re-opening of the not-so-New, yet-so-New lounge called Velvett.

I must confess, I was glad I went. How else would I have ogled TuBaba all night long. Who cared if the Mrs was there? We are talking eye-candy here, don’t blame a sister.

It was a night of serious dancing and crazy fun. Oh yeah, OritseFemi was there. Look at me, I’ve become a serious las Gidi big girl, I drop names like its hot .

So Velvett… Previously known as picolo mondo, has once again stamped its name in LaS GiDi night life scene. Lagos and New York are the concrete jungles where dreams are made or broken, Velvett has with its rebranding, given another similarity with new York. If you’ve always wanted to know how the New York night life feels, visit Velvett. Care-free, delirious fun in a city that never sleeps!

Service is just as good as it always was, decor is just what you want a club to look like. The people do not put on insane airs that make you want to choke. I love it!

I wish I could say even more, but I guess I have to write about Velvett at another time when I can digest the experience without the full crowd. Hopefully they keep their salsa nights open.


Love and light,

Mizz Wakadugbe

Velvett is situated on Idejo street, off Adeola Odeku,


I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I discover new fantastic places. I am sorry this is coming to you late, but my new find will make it all worth it I promise.

This place is probably not new to our readers in Abuja a.k.a Abujans because they started there, but to my fellow Gidi people, this is a burst of fresh air from the usual. I was first introduced to “Grills in & Out” by a friend while it was still being put together. I was intrigued by the idea of it because I’d only read about such places but sadly never been.

Imagine my delight when my friend asked me to lunch at Grills in & Out. This place is a delight for all of us “MasterChefs” on instagram. It offers two options to diners: choose your own ingredients and have the chef cook it right in front of you, or cook it yourself! All those #Foodie #iCook hashtag fiends, time to prove your mettle!!

So, there I was beaming at just about everything! It was absolutely lovely. I was quick to jump on the swing chair outside. As tired as I was (I’d just left the office), the swinging motion helped soothe my frazzled nerves. Then they brought me this fantastic strawberry daiquiri that I kid you not, had me floating to the land of Happy.

The chef gallantly allowed me take his picture while he prepared my food from the ingredients I chose (shrimps, calamari, chicken, chili sauce, schezuan sauce, pepper, onions, and mixed veggies). They served it with some fried rice and for the amount charged, the food was A LOT!!

I even got to meet one of the owners. Grills In and Out is owned by a husband-wife duo. I met the wife who is a total sweetheart. When I go out, I’m looking for a total experience. This is exactly what I got. Good food, good service, lovely atmosphere and not a lot of damage to my wallet

I’d write an epistle, but I need to make a flight. So, toodles!!

IMG_20141127_064932 IMG_20141127_065524 IMG_20141127_065530 IMG_20141127_065536 IMG_20141127_065547IMG_20141127_065053

Grills In & Out is located at 7a, Admiralty road, off Admiralty Way, Lekki phase 1.

Until next week….lots of love,

Miss Wakadugbe


I think it was a Friday night, the first time I discovered another meaning to “Miliki”. Lagos was in the throes of the Festive Season euphoria. Victoria Island was bright with shimmering lights and happy people.

This came to mind as I put pen to paper, because the Festive vibe is creeping its way back and before you know what’s going on, the IJGB’s will return in full force “fone” and activities will skyrocket like dollar rates.

I had just attended a product launch event and I won’t even lie, I was feeling like a serious Sisi Eko in my outfit and I had the attention of a fine brother. When he asked that we go to a Jazz club that had just opened, yours truly was quick to cross my legs at the front seat of his car while smiling pretty and thinking ‘Oya, make we dey go na’..

My first impression of Miliki still leaves me with the most calming effect. It had this kinda laidback Parisian vibe going on. Eclectic mix of people either stood or sat around this cosy room surrounded by books in different genres. The low thrum of voices blended in with the rhythmic jazz being played by a band whose name I forgot to ask for. Tinkles of laughter followed the soft clinking of wine glasses and just like that I had finally found my favourite hangout spot!

Lagos has been undergoing an arts revolution in recent years and the rise of deep thinkers has brought a beautiful new vibe to Gidi. Miliki happens to be the perfect melting pot for everyone artsy or people who just appreciate an environment where they can think while being immersed in a social culture they can draw inspiration from.

If to say na so love dey take happen, I for don fall for my Mister Oga just for bringing me to a slice of heaven. With a glass of wine in hand, I settled down to do one of my favourite pastimes- People Watching. There were all kinds of people around. Famous Names lounged on sofas having conversations or reading books from the shelves. The waitresses were not “in-your-face” like you see at a lot of places, but they were always there when you needed them. I must say I was rather impressed by their service, polite, friendly with the right amount of ‘distance’ for your privacy.

Miliki is the perfect location for people like me who are not always in the mood for the “Bang bang, Boom Boom”, BUT here’s the catch, it’s “Members Only”.

That almost sucked away my delight even though I could accept that it has to be that way to keep it the way it is. I cannot quite remember how much it costs to be a member, but I recall it had me shrinking a bit…I lie, I just don’t want to write the amount in this post but you can check here sha

If you’ve got the money and you’ve got the right kind of passion, please invite me along whenever you register. Better still, sign me up!


Mizz Wakadugbe

Miliki is located at Etim Inyang street, off Muri Okunola street, VI.